Girls Who Code - 21CF Partnership

In line with its commitments to reflect the diversity of its audiences and to support the next generation of creatives and technologists, 21st Century Fox has made a multi-year commitment to back the groundbreaking organization, Girls Who Code (GWC), with financial and in-kind resources.

This support will go toward two significant initiatives: GWC’s new College Loops program, which will drive retention and community among female computer science majors by connecting and engaging Girls Who Code alumni at colleges and universities, and the development of the organization’s international presence. Both efforts will help the organization move closer to its goal of closing the gender gap in technology.

“We’re passionate about encouraging our girls to consider a career in technology and supporting those who’ve made that choice,” said Reshma Saujani, founder and CEO of Girls Who Code. “The generous contribution from 21st Century Fox will help us empower the next generation of female computer science majors to solve problems and drive innovation across industries, including the creative and entertainment space, and communities.”

Paul Cheesbrough, Chief Technology Officer of 21st Century Fox and a longtime supporter of Girls Who Code, recently hosted a Tech Talk with Saujani. Organized by 21CF’s Women in Technology Colleague Network & Resource Group (CNRG), their conversation covered topics including Reshma’s background and the path that led her to found GWC, how the organization is helping companies expand their talent base, the important role film and television can play in closing this gender gap, and how 21CF’s partnership will drive greater impact in 2018. More highlights from this conversation below:

“I’ve long admired the mission and achievements of Girls Who Code and am thrilled that our support will help them deliver their vision,” said Cheesbrough. “Programs such as College Loops, which build confidence and camaraderie amongst tomorrow’s female technology talent, are key to ensuring that girls have the support they need to succeed in computer science. This relationship will be great for our technologists and essential for our business as we work to empower and recruit more women engineers and technologists across all of our brands.”

Stay tuned for more information about 21CF’s work with Girls Who Code as the partnership continues. Learn more about Girls Who Code here and 21CF’s diversity and inclusion work here.

Battle of the Sexes

21st Century Fox has strengthened its partnership with the Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF) with the release of a free Battle of the Sexes curriculum guide for the classroom. Inspired by the true story of world tennis champion and WSF founder, Billie Jean King, the curriculum offers materials for teachers to guide their students through discussions on sexism, LGBT rights, inclusion, and the landmark Title IX legislation, as well as handouts and activities to supplement key themes. Along with the curriculum’s release, 21CF is also making DVD copies of Fox Searchlight’s Battle of the Sexes available free of charge to educators in high school and college classrooms across the United States.

Battle of the Sexes tells the story of the historic 1973 tennis match between King and former men’s world champion, Bobby Riggs, played by Emma Stone and Steve Carrell. One of the most watched sporting events of all time, the match represented a convergence of the social and cultural issues underway, including LGBT acceptance and the fight for equal pay between men and women. King rose to enduring prominence not just for her unrivaled tennis skills, but also her relentless advocacy for female and LGBT athletes. “I knew this match was about social change. It wasn't [just] about tennis,” she said in a recent interview. “All I wanted was to get the essence of the fight for equality and what we were going through on all fronts… We need equal pay for equal work.” After the Battle of the Sexes match, she founded the Women’s Sports Foundation, and has led the organization in awarding over $50 million in educational and financial grants to advance participation, research, and leadership of girls and women in sports.

21st Century Fox helped fund the creation and distribution of the curriculum guide by donating 79 cents to WSF from every ticket sold during the film’s September 2017 opening weekend—drawing symbolic attention to the 79 cents that women in the United States earn for every dollar paid to men for the same work. A portion of the donation also went to a special edition of WSF’s Travel and Training Fund, which provides financial support to promising female athletes who could not otherwise afford coaching, equipment, and necessary travel.

The film campaign continues a long running relationship between 21st Century Fox and the Women’s Sports Foundation to help ensure equal access to sports. Since 2014, 21CF businesses have collectively donated over $1 million to WSF, and 21CF, FOX Sports, and Fox Networks Group regularly support WSF's Annual Salute to Women in Sports, a gala recognizing the world's top female athletes.

High school and college teachers in the US can download the Battle of the Sexes curriculum and request a free DVD to screen the movie for students at

Battle of the Sexes is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

Learn more about the Women’s Sports Foundation, including their research into how sports programs benefit young girls, their grant and scholarship programs, and more.

Galapagos Islands, National Geographic Partners

To celebrate Earth Month this past April, 21st Century Fox invited colleagues to take part in a unique photography competition in partnership with 21CF’s National Geographic on their Your Shot platform. The contest, judged by a Nat Geo photo editor, enoucraged 21CF colleagues around the world to submit their best nature photography and shots of action against climate change for a chance to win a free National Geographic Expedition trip, well as runner-up prizes of GoPro and Canon PowerShot cameras. The grand prize included a ten-day trip for two to the Galápagos Islands and the opportunity to explore its unique wildlife with the aid of a Nat Geo Expert.

Nat Geo has a longstanding partnership with Lindblad Expeditions, an alliance that has taken people out to explore the most remote and interesting places on the planet as active and mindful travelers. In August 2017, 21CF Earth Month contest grand prize winner Eric Barnes of FOX News Los Angeles set aboard the National Geographic Islander with his niece, Kailie, as well as other travelers and a team of Nat Geo and Lindblad photographers and naturalists who know the archipelago inside and out. “Snorkeling with turtles, sharks and sea lions was unbelievable, and their playfulness and curiosity made for fun photos and lots of smiles. It was amazing to see how these animals all live in harmony—being able to walk among them without feeling their fear or distrust was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before,” reflected Eric after his trip.

Check out highlights from Eric’s trip below, and follow @glotbalfotog on Instagram and Twitter for more of his photographic captures.

Chasing Genius, Nat Geo

21st Century Fox’s National Geographic recently announced the winners of Chasing Genius, a digital community launched in June with GSK Consumer Healthcare. Nat Geo and GSK crowdsourced ideas from their audiences and chose three critical areas where transformational ideas could mobilize change and help advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: making our planet more sustainable, improving global health, and kickstarting our ability to feed 9 billion people in the world. Nat Geo’s Emmy-nominated show, “Genius”, was a catalyst for the project’s creation—directed by Academy Award winners Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, the show chronicles Albert Einstein’s life through stories about his friends, lovers, enemies, and fellow scientific luminaries.

Chasing Genius evolved around the idea that anyone, anywhere, has the potential for genius, and the engagement platform aimed to nurture that genius through the power of storytelling. Over the last few months, Nat Geo engaged its online community—with 350 million social media followers, it is the largest and most activated non-celebrity brand in the world—with videos, social and digital storytelling, live events, editorial content, and more. The Chasing Genius community grew to 30,000 members, nearly 3,000 videos were submitting addressing the three critical areas mentioned above, and over 230 million impressions and 3.2 million social conversations were generated online.

Meet the winners of Chasing Genius and learn about their innovative and viable ideas for change:

  • Asta Skocir saw the need to reduce pollution in the textile industry and created AlgiKnit, which offers an alternative circular economy approach to textile production rooted in ecological intelligence, natural dye practices and biomaterials innovation.
  • Kevin White aims to help impoverished people living in the developing world who have impaired vision obtain eyeglasses. His program, USee, provides affordable, transportable, easy-to-use vision correction kits designed to suit the needs of the 2.5 billion people for whom glasses are necessary yet inaccessible.
  • Richard Trimble has developed a compact, solar-powered device that threshes and winnows pearl millet, aiming to help women in sub-Saharan Africa move away from the current method of threshing millet—an arduous task that is so intensive that it only allows them to prepare one meal per day.
  • John Monnat was selected by the Chasing Genius community as the “People’s Choice” winner for his idea help alleviate world hunger by providing farmers better access to data and science to improve crop production. His group, Cheruvu, is a data-driven sustainable enterprise that provides site-specific advice to farmers in developing countries.

Each of the winners will be awarded $25,000, along with exposure and access to resources through Nat Geo. The Chasing Genius Council, which helped choose three winners, included Susan Goldberg, Editorial Director of National Geographic Partners and editor in chief of National Geographic Magazine; Erika Bergman, submarine pilot; Caleb Harper, Principal Investigator and Director of the Open Agriculture (Open Ag) Initiative at the MIT Media Lab; Johanna Kellett, Research and Development Scientist in New Product Development at GSK Consumer Healthcare; Jay Shetty, storyteller, filmmaker and former monk; and Albert Yu-Min-Lin, research scientist and engineer focused on technology-enabled exploration and crowdsourcing.

Watch Genius and follow @NatGeo to learn more today!

To mark the release of Battle of the Sexes, the new Fox Searchlight film about the legendary tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, parent company 21st Century Fox will donate a portion of ticket sales to the Women’s Sports Foundation, founded by King to empower female athletes. For every ticket sold on opening weekend, the company will donate 79 cents to WSF, representing the 79 cents that women in the United States earn on average for every dollar paid to men. The donation reflects both organizations’ commitments to both ensuring equality in the workplace, and continuing to expand opportunities for women in sports of all ages.

Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, Battle of the Sexes depicts the 1973 tennis match between King, the women’s world champion at the time, and Riggs, the former men’s champion - a match that became one of the most watched sporting events of all time. The film explores not just the match itself but  the social and cultural issues of the era, including LGBT acceptance and the fight to guarantee equal pay for men and women. Even then, King was leading the charge for female tennis players to earn fair wages and equal prize money for championship tournaments.

“I knew this match was about social change. It wasn't [just] about tennis,” she said in a recent interview. “All I wanted was to get the essence of the fight for equality and what we were going through on all fronts… We need equal pay for equal work.”

21CF’s donation of funds from opening weekend ticket sales will support two initiatives developed in partnership between the company and WSF. The first is a special edition of WSF’s Travel and Training Fund for women who have shown leadership in advocating for, or otherwise furthering, greater inclusivity in their sport. Travel & Training grants provide financial support to promising female athletes who have demonstrated financial need and would not otherwise be able to afford basic necessities like coaching, travel and equipment to achieve even higher performance levels and rankings. The second initiative is a high school classroom curriculum guide based on the film. The guide will help facilitate discussions on gender equality, the history of the sexual revolution and the women's movement, diversity and inclusion broadly, and the landmark Title IX legislation, and will be made freely available to high school educators along with a DVD copy of the film.

Since 2014, 21CF businesses have donated over $1 million to WSF, and the company is a regular supporter of WSF's Annual Salute to Women in Sports, a gala recognizing the world's top female athletes. 21CF also worked closely with WSF on campaigns surrounding the FOX series Pitch to support WSF’s Sports 4 Life program, which awards grants to schools, parks and recreation departments, nonprofits, or amateur sports leagues that encourage the participation and retention of young African-American and Hispanic girls in developmental sports programs.

Learn more about the Women’s Sports Foundation, including their research into how sports programs benefit young girls, their grant and scholarship programs, and more.

Battle of the Sexes opens in theaters September 22.