Earth Month

Galapagos Islands, National Geographic Partners

To celebrate Earth Month this past April, 21st Century Fox invited colleagues to take part in a unique photography competition in partnership with 21CF’s National Geographic on their Your Shot platform. The contest, judged by a Nat Geo photo editor, enoucraged 21CF colleagues around the world to submit their best nature photography and shots of action against climate change for a chance to win a free National Geographic Expedition trip, well as runner-up prizes of GoPro and Canon PowerShot cameras. The grand prize included a ten-day trip for two to the Galápagos Islands and the opportunity to explore its unique wildlife with the aid of a Nat Geo Expert.

Nat Geo has a longstanding partnership with Lindblad Expeditions, an alliance that has taken people out to explore the most remote and interesting places on the planet as active and mindful travelers. In August 2017, 21CF Earth Month contest grand prize winner Eric Barnes of FOX News Los Angeles set aboard the National Geographic Islander with his niece, Kailie, as well as other travelers and a team of Nat Geo and Lindblad photographers and naturalists who know the archipelago inside and out. “Snorkeling with turtles, sharks and sea lions was unbelievable, and their playfulness and curiosity made for fun photos and lots of smiles. It was amazing to see how these animals all live in harmony—being able to walk among them without feeling their fear or distrust was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before,” reflected Eric after his trip.

Check out highlights from Eric’s trip below, and follow @glotbalfotog on Instagram and Twitter for more of his photographic captures.

Leonardo DiCaprio "Before the Flood"

21st Century Fox businesses have received a total of four nominations from the Environmental Media Association, whose awards honor film and television productions that increase public awareness of environmental issues and inspire personal action to correct them.

21CF’s National Geographic earned two nominations in the Documentary Film category for From the Ashes and Before the Flood. From the Ashes, produced with support from Bloomberg Philanthropies, takes on compelling stories to explore the reality of coal’s role in climate change, as well as human health and the economy, while offering solutions that could help revive struggling mining towns and protect the environment. Before the Flood follows Leonardo DiCaprio across five continents as he explores the effect of climate change on local communities around the world, as well as the political and social forces standing in the way of possible solutions.

Nat Geo focused on getting the film’s important message seen as widely as possible. In addition to broadcasting the documentary in 171 countries and holding screening events at the White House with President Obama and at the UN with Secretary John Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon, Nat Geo made Before the Flood freely available across a record-breaking number of linear, digital, and social platforms. Nat Geo also hosted free screenings that doubled as voter registration drives across 50 college campuses in the months leading up to the US presidential election. With more than 60 million viewers worldwide, Before the Flood is the most watched Nat Geo film ever, and one of the most watched documentaries in history.

Nat Geo also won a third nomination in the Reality Television category for Years of Living Dangerously’s “Collapse of the Oceans.” The documentary TV series features respected journalists and celebrities who travel around the world interviewing people affected by, and offering solutions to, the impacts of climate change. At the premiere of the second season of the series, held at the American Museum of Natural History for more than 800 guests, National Geographic Global Networks CEO Courteney Monroe remarked, "Truly great storytelling connects with audiences profoundly. This is especially true when it explores themes that transcend our differences and reflect universal values, like the human connection to the planet. And on the important topic of climate change, National Geographic, given its reach and reputation, is in the unique and enviable position to tell stories with real potential to make a difference in the world.”

FOX’s The Simpsons also received a nomination in the TV Comedy category. The animated series, which will soon start its record-breaking 29th season, has won eight previous EMA awards including last year for its episode “Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdle.” A prize this year would mark the third consecutive win for the show.

"This year's remarkable slate of nominees is a testament to the continued dedication and commitment that the entertainment community has on the environmental issues we are facing," said EMA President and CEO Debbie Levin. "The EMA Awards will not only further amplify the voices and messages of each of these programs and films, but also inspire a new generation of activists in the film, television and new media community to produce environmental content; it is through these channels where storytelling has the power to educate and ignite change."

Over 70 Fox film and television projects have also received an EMA Green Seal, which recognizes progress and leadership in sustainable production.

The 2017 annual Environmental Media Association Awards Ceremony will take place in Los Angeles on September 23, and will be hosted by Jaden Smith, an EMA member.


As part of 21st Century Fox’s commitment to minimizing our environmental impacts, growing sustainably, and inspiring others to take action, we celebrated Earth Month this April by partnering with National Geographic on an exclusive photography competition, judged by a Nat Geo photo editor. The contest invited 21CF colleagues around the world to submit their best nature photography and shots of action against climate change, for a chance to win a free National Geographic Expedition trip, well as runner-up prizes of GoPro and Canon PowerShot cameras. The grand prize includes a ten day trip for two to the Galápagos Islands and the opportunity to explore its unique wildlife aboard the National Geographic’s Endeavour II, led by a Nat Geo Expert.

21CF is excited to announce the winners of the “Earth in Focus” photo contest below. Check out all of the entries to see how our inspiring colleagues are working to protect the planet every day. Special congratulations to Eric Barnes, who will be headed to the Galápagos Islands with Nat Geo later this year.

Grand Prize Winner: Eric Barnes; FOX News, Los Angeles

Photo, featured above, taken in Neko Harbour, Antarctica as part of a kayaking expedition; February 2017


Runner Up: Michael Horan; Fox TV Stations, Washington DC

Photo taken in Höfn, Iceland; January 2016


Runner Up: Yasen Velchev; FNG Bulgaria

Photo taken in Sinemorets, Bulgaria; August 2015


To learn more about 21st Century Fox’s sustainability commitments and other Social Impact initiatives, please visit and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @21CF_Impact.

Anand Varma, National Geographic photographer

In partnership with the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) in Bangalore, India, National Geographic photographers helped organize and lead a workshop for early career biologists interested in sharing their work through photography. The Shoot for Science workshop, funded by National Geographic Society and run by science photographers Anand Varma and Prasenjeet Yadav, ran for 8 days at NCBS in February 2017 and brought together a cohort of 16 Indian research fellows, Ph.D. candidates, and post-docs to study the art of storytelling in science.

India is currently undergoing increased investment in science and technology, providing a timely opportunity for scientists to communicate their research not just with the academic world, but with the greater public as well. By reducing focus on standard technical jargon and exploring other forms of communication, scientists can demystify their work for a wider audience and inspire young students to embrace scientific literacy. Photography is unique in its ability to help scientists both collect and communicate their data, and doing so without misrepresenting the scientific process lies at the core of Varma and Yadav’s workshop mission.

Using cameras and other equipment provided by Nikon, the 16 participants worked in groups to develop and create a photo narrative around research done by scientists at NCBS. They learned various techniques in basic photography and controlled lighting, received feedback in photo editing sessions, heard from Nat Geo experts, and gave final presentations after being coached in public speaking. “It was a great learning experience. Starting from how to think of communicating a story to how to use a camera—it was all new to me,” said participant Ipsa Jain, a Ph.D. candidate in cellular biology at the Indian Institute of Sciences.

Varma is a regular contributor to Nat Geo; his work tells the story behind the science of everything from primate behavior and hummingbird biomechanics to amphibian disease and forest ecology. Yadav is a trained molecular ecologist turned science-photographer who combines his research experience and photography skills to tell stories of exploration and conservation. He’s represented by National Geographic Creative and is currently producing a story on how mountains play a role in special evolution in India’s Western Ghats. Together, they hope to create a consortium of scientific storytellers in India and are working to expand the Shoot for Science program across the country in the coming years.

In honor of Earth Day, National Geographic is inspiring and empowering people around the world to make changes in their daily lives in support of a more sustainable planet. On television, Nat Geo WILD is dedicating its primetime slate on April 22 to shining a light on wildlife advocates, with new specials and some of the best documentaries from the channel's archive. Online, in addition to features and photo galleries on, the company's Instagram brands will join forces for the first time ever to feature followers' nature photos through the #NatGeoEarthDay campaign.

Inspiring great photography

Beginning Wednesday, April 20, National Geographic is asking its combined 57.7 million Instagram followers to submit their best nature photos with the hashtag #NatGeoEarthDay. Photo editors at @NatGeo, @NatGeoTravel, @NatGeoAdventure, and @NatGeoYourShot will curate select photos into a feed to be published on, offering international exposure to the winning photographers.

The campaign builds on National Geographic's long history of building a community for photographers of all skill levels to share their work. The organization's Your Shot platform collects submissions from all over the world with a mission to tell stories collaboratively through bold photography and expert curation. Nat Geo posts open assignments, and editors review the submissions, offering practical tips on how to capture the perfect shot.

Engaging audiences online

In addition to the Instagram contest, Nat Geo is engaging its digital audiences with features on Nat Geo News, such as the "10 Remarkable Trees" gallery, offering stunning photos of some of the world's most iconic trees. In addition, "46 Things for the 46th Earth Day" celebrates 46 environmental victories that have been achieved since the first Earth Day in 1970, including laws protecting endangered species, efforts to make cleaner drinking water, and international climate agreements.

Photograph by Diane Cook and Len Jenshel, National Geographic

Celebrating wildlife advocates

Nat Geo WILD will celebrate Earth Day by honoring those who inspire us to take care of our world and the animals who live in it, dedicating its entire primetime block on Friday, April 22 to documentaries about protecting wildlife populations. The evening will feature some of the best short films from this year's Wild to Inspire competition, as well as the world premiere of "Mission Critical: Orangutan on the Edge." The full schedule, which includes some of the channel's most iconic animal programming, is as follows:

  • 6:30/5:30c: Wild to Inspire *PREMIERE*
  • 7/6c: Cougars Undercover
  • 8/7c: Mission Critical: Leopards at the Door
  • 9/8c: Mission Critical: Orangutan on the Edge *PREMIERE*
  • 10/9c: War Elephants

"Nat Geo WILD is dedicated to animals and the people who love them, and Earth Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate those brave individuals who use their creative talents to inspire change," said Janet Han Vissering, senior vice president of development and production at Nat Geo WILD. "These specials tug at the heartstrings, inform and remind viewers of the importance of environmental protection for our planet."

Learn more about National Geographic, and visit Nat Geo on Instagram to take part in the #NatGeoEarthDay campaign.