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21CF Impact Week Volunteer Community Service

For six days and nights in October, nearly 3,000 colleagues from across 21st Century Fox businesses gave back to the communities around them as part of the second annual 21CF Impact Week. Building on the success of 21CF’s first ever company-wide week of service in 2016, which was piloted in New York and Los Angeles, colleagues in 25 U.S. cities took part in 99 service activities that benefited kids, veterans, the environment, victims of Hurricane Harvey, and many more. It is estimated that these efforts, which collectively totaled more than 9,000 hours of service, made a positive difference in the lives of more than 83,000 people. The company plans to further expand 21CF Impact Week to its global locations in 2018.

“I’m honored to work for a company that made Impact Week such an ambitious, visible initiative,” one volunteer said. “I would like 21CF to continue to send the message of encouragement to employees at Fox that we are ordinary people who can do extraordinary things for other people when make a diligent community effort.”

21CF worked with local leads at each of its U.S. based businesses to organize volunteer opportunities around its Social Impact focus areas: Creativity & the Arts, Sports & Well Being, Knowledge & Exploration, Sustainability & the Environment, and Diversity & Inclusion. Service projects included preparing meals for the homeless, cleaning up parks and gardens, building school libraries, packaging supplies for military servicemen and women, and mentoring local youth, among many others. 21CF Impact Week gave colleagues the chance to build thriving communities while strengthening their relationships with coworkers and forging new connections across the business.

In total, 21CF colleagues packed 45,800 pounds of food, made and served 82,884 meals, removed one ton of trash from lakes and rivers, collected 1,019 toys, and created 9,440 backpacks, kits, and care packages, culminating in nearly 9,050 hours of service.

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21CF Impact Week Volunteer Community Service

A look at how our colleagues made a positive impact in communities across the U.S.

Last week, 21st Century Fox launched 21CF Impact Week, giving more than 1,000 of its colleagues opportunities to make a positive impact in the local communities where they live and work.


Colleagues based in New York, Los Angeles and select cities across the U.S. stepped away from their desks and into their communities by volunteering at schools, parks and community centers. More than a dozen opportunities were available, including a Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed hike for charity, a movie night at a senior assisted living center, packing and donating meal kits, military and school supply care packages, a science scavenger hunt for kids at the American Museum of Natural History, and many more. Next year, 21CF plans to extend the pilot program to all colleagues nationally, and will begin to roll out internationally as well.

"We've got great, talented people, and the more they can apply themselves to making a difference in the community, the better of they'll be, the better off the business will be and the better off the community at large will be," said 21CF CEO James Murdoch.

"It was a really fulfilling experience," said a 21CF colleague. "I think it's important for all of us that are so fortunate in our lives to take the time to step back and appreciate that by helping others."

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21st Century Fox celebrated Earth Day this year with the "Explore Your World" photo contest, giving colleagues across the globe the chance to combine their photography skills and their love of the outdoors by sharing their best nature photos on social media with #21CFExplore. More than 3,000 entries poured in from across the business as employees unleashed their inner explorers and posted stunning portraits of the world around them. The competition was the centerpiece of 21CF's Earth Month campaign, which encouraged colleagues everywhere to explore and protect the planet.

View the four Grand Prize Winner photos below:


TOP: Michael Horan, First Place; LEFT: Luis Pedro Cabarrus, Second Place; RIGHT: Nikita Shatrov, Third Place; BOTTOM: Roshan Panjwani, Honorable Mention


Winners will receive their choice of an Apple Watch, a GoPro, or a National Geographic-branded digital camera.

Throughout the month of April, 21CF provided opportunities for colleagues to get outdoors, get healthy, and give back to their communities. Employees based in New York and Los Angeles got the chance to volunteer at local parks and elementary schools, fundraise for the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo's Run for the Wild 5K, and hear from experts at National Geographic such as renowned geologist Ford Cochran and National Geographic Kids editor Rachel Buchholz. In addition, special on-air Earth Day programming at FOX and Nat Geo WILD reached viewers around the world with tips on how to make their homes more eco-friendly, as well as new documentaries on endangered species.

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Ghetto Film School LA kicks off program for female students to expand access to the entertainment industry

As part of its commitment to offer new avenues into the entertainment industry, Ghetto Film School Los Angeles launched a new program exclusively for its female students this spring. Entitled "Iris-In: A GFS Program for Young Women," the semester-long class features top female producers and filmmakers currently working in Hollywood. 21st Century Fox co-founded GFS LA in June 2014, and since then, its executives and talent have taken a hands-on role in enhancing the students' education.

Independent film producer Erika Olde is spearheading the program, which launched at Ghetto Film School's New York campus in fall 2015. Olde told The Hollywood Reporter that the idea was born out of a realization that many young women hoping to enter the film industry often have limited opportunities.

"I felt like there was so much talent that really probably deserved to have a chance to be involved that didn't have the access," said Olde. "I really just felt like they could and should have a place to gain that access and to speak with people who have been in the business for a while and actually learn about the business itself as opposed to just the ins and outs of specifically making a movie."

The New York program hosted a number of notable female filmmakers, including Christine Vachon, who produced "Carol" and "Boys Don't Cry," as well as Rebecca Miller, who most recently wrote and directed "Maggie's Plan." The Los Angeles course will feature writer Lauren Blum and "Cake" producer Kristin Hahn as guest speakers. Olde hopes that being exposed to more women working in the industry will inspire the female students at GFS to keep working hard.

"If you're that passionate to get on a bus and be going back and forth for several hours, you must really be interested," she said. "I just feel like, why wouldn't you want them to have the same access as everyone else? They work so hard for it."

Based in MacArthur Park, GFS LA teaches filmmaking to young people from traditionally underserved communities through its 30-month immersion program in cinematic storytelling and production. The program is completely free of charge.

As a long-time supporter of GFS and co-founder of the LA campus, 21CF has dedicated significant resources to enriching the students' film education. GFS students get unprecedented access to 21CF executives and creatives, visit live sets on the Fox Studios lot, attend insider screenings of Fox film and TV premieres, and partner with company divisions to enhance their curriculum. Currently, GFS LA students are partnering with Fox International marketing for their spring Industry 101 course, which introduces them to the business of film and television.

Learn more about Ghetto Film School Los Angeles and the work they're doing to create the next generation of great storytellers.

Fox Pride Group Celebrates First Anniversary, Volunteers for LGBT Causes

On Thursday, October 15, the Fox Pride LGBT-Straight Alliance commemorated its first anniversary with an outdoor event in honor of Spirit Day, GLAAD's yearly campaign to support LGBT youth and speak out against bullying. The event, held at the Fox Studios Lot in Los Angeles and at the Fox International Channels office in Hong Kong, brought together Fox Pride members and supporters from across 21st Century Fox businesses to celebrate the company's LGBT community. Fox Pride was formed in 2014 to cultivate a passion for all types of diversity in order to advocate for and celebrate advances in the fight for equality.

"We started Fox Pride a year ago with three people, and it's grown to 330," said Brett Seabloom, one of the group's co-presidents and co-founders. "Within the last year, we've done 18 events in 12 months, and it's gone better than we ever could have imagined. We've formed partnerships with almost every business across the lot, and we've gotten so much incredible support from just about everybody."

The fall season has been a particularly busy one for the Fox Pride group. On October 11, members participated in the 31st annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles, raising just shy of $13,000 for the AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA), which manages prevention, care, and advocacy programs for the thousands of men, women, and families affected by HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County. Fox Pride members have also served as volunteers at various LGBT organizations' events around the city, including the Los Angeles LGBT Center's 23rd annual Models of Pride Conference and the Trevor Project's TrevorLIVE fundraiser.

Seabloom says that although the group's first year was highly successful, more work remains to be done. "We want to expand our volunteer program and just keep the group growing," she said.

For more information on FoxPride, check out their Facebook page.