News Corporation is committed to minimizing its environmental impact, growing sustainably, and inspiring others to take action.

Our long term vision is to:

  • Grow our business without growing our carbon footprint
  • Power our operations with clean electricity
  • Minimize solid waste to landfill from our production operations
  • Engage our readers, viewers, and customers on sustainability issues through partnerships and content of the highest caliber

What are We Doing?

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Fuel Cell to Power News Corp. Headquarters in New York

Fuel Cell Reception NYC.jpg
Rich Shaw of UTC Power explains how the fuel cell works

News Corp. has taken further strides in its efforts to reduce the company's environmental footprint, today unveilling a new fuel cell that will generate enough electricity to power studio operations at company headquarters.

Located three levels below ground at the News Corp. building at 1211 Avenue of the Americas, the "Purecell" will run on natural gas and will produce enough electricity to power 400 average homes. Rather than combustion, the cell uses a chemical process to "separate" the natural gas, which means it produces heat energy as a by-product. That heat energy will be used to supply parts of the building with hot water and may also be used to produce chilled water. Moreover, the cell will continue to operate in the event of a blackout, giving the building security of power.

Carbon saved by reducing reliance on the grid would be the equivalent of taking 100 cars off the road or planting several hundred trees, Al Scaramelli of Beacon Capital Partners told a gathering on Friday, April 20 at the official unveiling of the fuel cell. Attendees had the chance to see the cell, which weights 60,000 pounds and resembles a large shipping container.

NYSERDA spokesman Dana Levy called the project "a model installation at a flagship company," adding that the authority wanted to see the cells "proliferate" across New York and the whole state. The project is a joint venture between News Corp., UTC Power, Beacon Capital Partners and NYSERDA.

About the fuel cell

  • Uses natural gas to generate electricity
  • Uses chemical process, rather than combustion
  • Heat energy captured to produce hot water
  • Weighs 60,000 pounds, was installed in one piece
  • Works in much the same way as a home boiler

Fuel Cell Reception NYC_2.jpg

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News America Hosts Gina Keatley for Cooking Demonstration

Gina Keatley.jpgLocal Foods Cooking Demo with Chef Gina Keatley. News America hosted award-winning chef and nutritionist Gina Keatley for a local foods cooking demonstration on Thursday, April 21, for this year's Earth Day celebration. Gina Keatley is the founder and director of nutrition for Nourishing NYC, an environmentally-conscious community food program that strives to offer nutrition for all. Chef Gina guided News Corp. employees through the world of local foods for spring. The session included recipe demonstration, tastings and a question and answer segment.
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James Murdoch Joins UK-India Business Leaders Climate Group

James Murdoch joined Prime Minister David Cameron and a delegation of UK and India business leaders in Delhi, India, to discuss low carbon growth and charter to boost green jobs and economy. The meeting was a precursor to the the UK-India Business Leaders Climate Group, "a coalition of influential business leaders who believe that moving to a low carbon economy is essential for sustainable long term growth and combating climate change.The Group has mapped the practical ways that India and the UK can work together to boost productivity, jobs and innovation while cutting carbon emissions."

Mr. Murdoch remarked, "This kind of a partership is really something that can foster more rapid innovation, [with] enterprise taking the lead, and trade taking the lead, in addressing some of these issues."

The Group has published a report designed to improve collaboration that builds on the relative strengths of the UK and Indian business communities and puts business at the heart of a prosperous climate-friendly economy.

UKIBLCG Video from UK-India Business Leaders on Vimeo.

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Hands On New York with News America Incorporated

On Saturday, April 24, News America Incorporated will be sponsoring interested employees who would like to take part in Hands On New York - an annual event designed to paint, plant, and clean city parks and green spaces.

News Corp.'s Take Your Kids to Work Day has an Earth Day theme this year. Participating kids will be special guests at the Earth Day 40 Party in Times Square!

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How to Be an Informed "Green Watcher"

In the recent article "The Perils of 'Green Watching,'" Climate Counts Executive Director Wood Turner discusses that in order to be informed 'Green Watchers' - consuming environmental programming and coverage during Earth Week - first people have to know what the media companies' environmental commitments are. News Corporation scored at the top of the list of global media companies with a total of 68 points out of 100 for its corporate efforts to reduce its climate impact. To read the entire article click here.

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News Corporation's Global Energy Initiative Featured In Editor & Publisher Magazine

March 19 - The Global Energy Initiative was featured in an article, "News Corp. In Carbon Neutral Home Stretch," by Mark Fitzgerald in Editor & Publisher. The article highlights practices such as improving printing and facility efficiency with employee engagement as means to reaching the goal of carbon neutrality by the end of 2010. To read the full article click here.

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Energy Saving Tips From Elizabeth Rogers

Elizabeth Rogers, author of "The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time" and creator of Shift Your Habit, spoke with New York employees on ways that each person can shift out of habits to save money, time, and the planet on April 21 at the FOX Sports Suite.

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NY-based Energy Team Leader Meeting

New York-based energy team leaders participated in the first in a series of localized annual energy team meetings on February 26. Sample sessions included:
  • Videoconference with senior executives from the UK newspaper titles and the New York-based team to discuss big editorial and marketing wins on energy and environmental issues.
  • A deep dive with our carbon consultants on this year's carbon footprint measurement, preliminary results and a discussion on the use of our new measurement and mitigation tool.
  • Videoconference with LA-based team leaders to share recent wins and plans for Earth Month, and with the News Limited energy team to discuss the value of energy audits.
  • A fascinating lunch with Environmental Defense Fund experts who discussed the latest science, population growth models and the schedule for planetary action.
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KRM Boyer Lectures

Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, is presenting the Boyer Lectures for 2008. The series is called "The Golden Age of Freedom" and the first lecture, "Aussie Rules: Bring Back the Pioneer," aired November 3, 2008. In his first lecture, Mr. Murdoch proposed that climate change is an area in which Australia needs to lead, "rather than follow...Our emphasis should be on practical solutions. We cannot address climate change merely with emotion. The ultimate solution is not to punish the Australian economy by imposing standards that the rest of the world will never meet. It's to take the lead in developing real alternatives to solve the problem by offering clean, cheap energy to meet the growing demand. The world desperately needs these cleaner and more abundant sources of energy. That will require huge investments in new technology. But the upside is huge. If we can develop cleaner and cheaper sources of energy, we will grow our economy while leaving a greener, cleaner world for our children and grandchildren."

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Hi-definition Polycom videoconferencing suites have been installed at News Corp. headquarters in New York and LA. These will significantly reduce the need for business air travel. Additional Polycom technology will be installed in the coming months in other locations.

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News America Incorporated has moved from paper expense reports to an online system.

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Copy paper

News America Incorporated has replaced almost all of its virgin copy paper with recycled-content paper.

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Lighting at 1211

News America Incorporated conducted a full lighting audit of the News Corporation headquarters in New York City and identified the potential for significant energy and cost reductions. The lighting retrofit is now underway.

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Fox and News Corp.'s cafeterias have begun using biodegradable materials for utensils, plates, and plastics

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James Murdoch Accepts 2008 Channing Award

James Murdoch accepted The Channing Award 2008 for excellence in corporate citizenship at News Corporation and BSkyB. The award recognizes business leaders who are not only at the top of their profession, but who are also innovative in their approaches to corporate responsibility and governance. Specifically, News and Sky were commended for leadership relating to climate change.

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News Corp.'s First Gold Standard Carbon Offset Purchase

News Corporation's first Gold Standard carbon offset purchase was recently delivered by 3Degrees, a carbon offsets wholesaler, in the first-ever transfer of Gold Standard tons on the recently unveiled Gold Standard carbon registry.

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Earth month events for NAI

The News Corp. Energy Team hosted a series of energy- and environment-related lunches and breakfasts at the 1211 building for New York-based employees during the week of Earth Day, 2008. Sessions included a panel on green investing hosted by Morgan Stanley, a cooking demonstration using locally-grown ingredients with the chef from critically-acclaimed Savoy restaurant, a conversation on recycling, and a meet-and-greet with National Geographic Explorer David de Rothschild.

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The Green Power Group

Fourteen California companies--including News Corp., Google, and Patagonia--have formed a California affiliate network of The Green Power Group which will share best practices for purchasing and developing renewable energy.

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FHE's DVD Supply Chain Launch featured at CDP launch

Fox Home Entertainment's study of the carbon impact of a DVD, conducted with Wal-Mart, was highlighted at the Carbon Disclosure Project launch in late September in New York. News Corp. Chairman and CEO, Rupert Murdoch, spoke via video message at the launch event.

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The Greening of News Corp. - TV Week

The Greening of News Corp. -- Murdoch Leads the Way, Committing Conglomerate to Reducing Emission of Greenhouse Gases, Cutting Energy Use, reports TV Week.