Take an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of FX’s ‘Legion’ and learn how Fox goes green on set

FX’s Legion drew praise from critics and audiences alike for its ambitious storytelling and visual style, and fans can now check out an exclusive video and case study detailing how the cast and crew brought that same level of ambition to going green behind-the-scenes. All departments made a concerted effort to save energy, reduce the show’s carbon footprint, and overall make the production as environmentally sustainable as possible, even piloting new technologies that could advance sustainability for the entire industry. The initiatives came as part of 21st Century Fox’s broad commitment to minimizing its environmental impacts, growing sustainably, and inspiring others to take action.

“This is the first production I’ve worked on where the conversation [about sustainability] started during our first production meeting,” said Kim Goddard-Rains, Production Coordinator. “I hope that it inspires people when they see the results and that they’re reminded of the little things we can all do. It feels good.”

Before shooting began, 21CF once again hired Zena Harris of Green Sparks Group, who previously oversaw green initiatives on The X-Files event series in 2016, as Legion’s sustainable production consultant. Harris worked directly with each department throughout the nearly six-month shoot to review best practices from the Green Production Guide, which Fox developed in collaboration with peer Hollywood studios, as well as identify opportunities to innovate new techniques for energy saving, such as partnering with Portable Electric to pilot their new mobile power stations.

“The studio was very supportive as we trialed battery power stations to replace the smaller generators that are diesel powered,” Harris said. “It reduces greenhouse gas emissions from generators and helps eliminate noise.”

These strategies, combined with every department’s goals to save energy and reduce waste, resulted in significant cost and energy savings across the board. The crew managed to divert 55% of the waste from landfill, avoid 252 metric tons of CO2 emissions, and collectively save nearly $48,000 USD, as well as purchase 70% Forest Stewardship Council-certified lauan plywood for set construction.

These achievements build on a long history of pioneering green production practices at 21CF. The company regularly works with production crews across its film and television projects to ensure environmental responsibility is integrated into each department’s daily operations, with previous series 24: Live Another Day and The X-Files event series each breaking new ground for the industry at large on lumber sourcing and recycling.

Learn more about environmental sustainability on Legion by reading our detailed case study and watching the exclusive video below.

Legion has been renewed for a second season, and the first is available to stream on FX, FXNOW, and Hulu.