21CF and National Geographic Channel launch girls’ education campaign for ‘He Named Me Malala’ (broadcast premiere on Feb. 29)

In celebration of the exclusive global television premiere of “He Named Me Malala,” Academy Award winner Davis Guggenheim’s feature documentary about the life of Nobel Laureate and activist Malala Yousafzai, 21st Century Fox and National Geographic launched a new social media campaign today to drive support and awareness for girls’ right to education no matter where they are in the world.

The campaign engages viewers through Facebook and Twitter, with an aim to spur a $50,000 donation from 21CF to the Malala Fund, a nonprofit working with organizations on the ground to ensure that all girls receive a quality secondary education. In the weeks leading up to the “He Named Me Malala” television premiere, users can create custom Facebook profiles that transform their profile pictures into a yearbook photos. The yearbook photo then adds animation that dissolves female users’ photos from the page. This visual metaphor represents the 60 million girls who are out of school worldwide and inspires people to learn more about Malala’s mission. For every person who participates, 21CF will donate $1 to the Malala Fund.

National Geographic will also run a concurrent campaign on Twitter, with 21CF donating $1 for every tweet that includes the #withMalala hashtag between now and March 10. The Facebook and Twitter campaigns will raise up to $50,000 for the Malala Fund. “He Named Me Malala” will air commercial free on the National Geographic Channel on Monday, Feb. 29, from 8/7c to 10/9c in the United States and globally across 170 countries in 45 languages.

“This film tells the story of one girl, but I am one of many,” Malala said. “There are millions of girls denied their right to education. Let us raise our voices, stand with girls, stand up for their rights and ensure every one of them gets the chance to learn. Education is the key to peace and a better future for all.”

National Geographic has also designed an online education hub that offers curriculum ideas for parents and teachers to discuss Malala’s mission and the importance of girls’ right to education worldwide, equipping educators with the necessary tools to bring Malala’s powerful message to students.

Since its theaterical release last fall, businesses across 21CF have worked to share the remarkable story of “He Named Me Malala” with as many people as possible. In addition to a screening series bringing the film to public school students across the country, the company partnered with the LA Fund for Public Education to host a special screening for an audience of nearly 7,000 public high school girls from the Los Angeles area, in lieu of a traditional premiere.

“He Named Me Malala” will air Monday, Feb. 29, at 8/7c on the National Geographic Channel in the U.S. and will roll out globally to 170 countries and 45 languages. For more information on the campaign and how to participate, visit SupportMalala.com.