21st Century Fox Businesses Pay Tribute to Veterans

The U.S. celebrated Veterans’ Day on November 11, and 21st Century Fox businesses recognized the occasion by paying tribute to the men and women who have and continue to serve in the nation’s armed forces.

At the corporate level, 21st Century Fox announced a renewed relationship with American Corporate Partners, a nonprofit organization that provides U.S. veterans with career guidance as they transition back to civilian life. The organization pairs 21st Century Fox executives with veterans hoping to enter the media industry, and the professional guidance they share gives veterans the tools they need to launch their post-service careers.

In addition, Fox Audience Strategy, a group working across the Fox entertainment businesses, created the 30-second spot above, which features Fox talent thanking U.S. veterans for their service. The Audience Strategy group also gave Fox employees the chance to thank veterans by leaving messages of appreciation on the Fox “Gratitude Wall” for troops overseas.

FOX Sports Supports, the charitable arm of FOX Sports, developed several pieces of content to mark the occasion, including Veterans Day campaigns on FOX Sports 1, the NFL on FOX, and FOX Sports Regional Networks. On Veterans Day itself, FOX Sports brought 100 active and reserve military personnel to FOX’s Los Angeles production studio for a tour of the Studio Lot. The troops were then escorted to the set of FOX SPORTS LIVE, where they appeared on air throughout the show in appreciation for their continued service. FOX Sports Regional Networks also aired five new “Warriors Among Us” Veterans Day shorts, the first of which can be viewed below.