STAR’s ‘Satyamev Jayate’ Inspires Water Conservation

In May 2012, STAR TV premiered Satyamev Jayate (“Truth Alone Prevails”), a documentary talk show that explores some of India’s most pressing social issues. The series has sparked national discussion on a range of issues, including water scarcity. When Adishree Parasnis, a teacher at a primary school in Pune, saw the water episode, she decided to work with her students to help their local community save water.

Parasnis, a Teach For India Fellow, had been reading about Pune’s drought problems in the newspapers, and after teaching a science lesson on rainwater harvesting and watching the Satyamev Jayate episode, she got the idea for a water conservation project, which she calls Project Pitter Patter.

She and her young students–all around the ages of eight and nine–made posters advocating rainwater harvesting that they posted all around the local community, in shops, rickshaws, and homes. The students also went house-to-house around their neighborhood providing buckets to collect rainwater, which gave the locals extra water with which to bathe, cook, and drink (after boiling).

“The kids are teaching the adults,” said Rekha Bansode, the mother of one of the students. “It was very exciting for us.”

Read more about Project Pitter Patter at the school’s blog, and check out the video recap from STAR.