Nat Geo Helps Plant 20,000 Trees in Philippines

The National Geographic Channel (NGC) recently partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to distribute 20,000 fruit-bearing trees to farmers in the Isabela province of the Philippines. The reforestation project should work to curb the effects of climate change.

WWF and its supporters have been helping farmers in Isabela since 2009, planting more than 25,000 trees and revitalizing 210 hectares of land to date. NGC has just distributed an additional 20,000 saplings to Isabela farmers. “We have taken National Geographic Channel’s goal of inspiring people to care about the planet to heart in our efforts to promote agroforestry with WWF,” said Fox International Channels Vice President and Territory Head Jude Turcuato.

Agroforestry is a unique approach to reforestation, allowing the balanced intercropping of trees, shrubs, and crops to create more sustainable plots of land. “Agroforestry allows crops and trees to coexist, maximizing benefits. This increases land productivity, improves water recharge, and minimizes erosion,” said WWF’s Edgardo Tongson.

Illegal logging, swidden farming, and land clearing have threatened Isabela’s farms in recent years. However, the reforestation efforts of NGC and WWF will help retain the nutrient-rich sediments that are otherwise washed out to rivers and shield the landscape from the intense storms caused by climate change, ultimately restoring the livelihoods of Isabela’s farmers.

For more information, read Ellalyn De Vera’s report at the Manila Bulletin.