Energy Playground Powers TEEN CHOICE 2012

Teens got a worthwhile workout at the TEEN CHOICE Energy Playground yesterday, where bikes, hamster wheels, seesaws and swings cranked out energy to power TEEN CHOICE 2012. This year's TEEN CHOICE AWARDS will once again be showcasing FOX's Green It. Mean It. campaign and encouraging its young audience to think about how they can help the environment. This will be the second annual TEEN CHOICE AWARDS with an Energy Playground to power the event.

Included in the energy playground were 16 bikes, hooked up to Global Inheritance's "Tour de Energy" bike station. The station produced kinetic energy that was then converted to electricity and pumped back into the grid - producing enough electricity to make it a completely carbon neutral event! Riders who produced the most energy were awarded with TEEN CHOICE swag bags and all participants were eligible to win a variety of TEEN CHOICE prizes.

Kevin McHale, who plays "Artie" on FOX's hit TV show GLEE, made an appearance at the Energy Playground for interviews and to support energy making participants.

TEEN CHOICE 2012 will air on Sunday, July 22nd on FOX.

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