STAR India Re-launches “Start Now”

The leading media company in India has re-energized its environmental initiative, “Start Now,” with a series of events and new programs for employees across India. STAR reaches an audience of 400 million people weekly; their efforts will focus not only on the environmental sustainability of their operations, but also on inspiring and informing their vast audience on the issues of climate change and the environment.

A team of star employees across the country – Start Now Champions – volunteered to lead the initiative. These leaders have brought fresh new ideas for reducing plastic, promoting carpooling, and sustainably disposing electronic waste. As its first enterprise-wide initiative, the team is already redesigning several processes to eliminate the wasteful use of paper. Amita Maheshwari, Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Start Now sponsor, commented that going paperless is “not just about reducing our paper consumption, but looking for ways to innovate and automate.”

Start Now kicked off their re-launch with the Start Now Mela, a carnival featuring green products and services, which was held at three major STAR locations. On the day of the launch, every Star employee also received a Start Now kit to kickstart smarter behavior at home and at work.

The Start Now Champions also commissioned two “waste murals” for their offices in Mumbai. Artists used two weeks of office waste — including beta tapes, newspapers, plastic bottles and bubble wrap — to create a stunning map of the world, symbolizing the global nature of the environmental challenges we face.