December 2010

Sky Italia Set Top Box Recycling Reclaims 98% of Materials

Thumbnail image for SKY-ITALIA-LOGO-JPEG.jpgWith Italian supplier Consorzio Remedia, Sky Italia has been able to implement a set-top-box recycling process that allows them to reclaim 98% of the materials for reuse. The first 6,000 boxes were sent for recycling in December 2010, with plans to send another 800,000 boxes for recycling in the next year.

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20th Century Fox Selected by US Dept. of Energy for Commercial Buildings Partnership

November 30, 2010 -- Secretary Chu Announces Nearly $21 Million in Technical Assistance Projects to Improve Energy Use in Commercial Buildings

fox_lot.jpgDuring a live online chat at the White House earlier today, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced that 24 projects are receiving a total of $21 million in technical assistance to dramatically reduce the energy used in their commercial buildings. This initiative, supported with funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, will connect commercial building owners and operators with multidisciplinary teams including researchers at DOE's National Laboratories and private sector building experts. The teams will design, construct, measure, and test low-energy building plans, and will help accelerate the deployment of cost-effective energy-saving measures in commercial buildings across the United States.

"These Recovery Act projects are bringing together experts from our national laboratories and the private sector to help businesses and organizations reduce the energy they use in their facilities, saving them money on their energy bills and making them more competitive economically," said Secretary Chu. "This initiative will also demonstrate to other commercial building operators that cost-effective, energy-efficient technologies exist today that will help lower the operating and energy costs of their buildings."


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