July 2009

DVD Update

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment continued to lead the industry in innovative partnerships. For several years, TCFHE has worked with its suppliers and the world's biggest retailer, Wal-Mart, to track and reduce the amount of energy used in the production, manufacture and distribution of DVDs. Changes in packaging and transport resulted in a 5% reduction in the DVD footprint, including a 13% reduction in raw material consumption and a 20% drop in transportation emissions.

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FTVS sent nothing to a landfill since 2007 - beyond recycling

Fox Television Studios has committed themselves to incorporating green policies into the actual strike or breakdown of their shows through practical, environmentally friendly solutions. They coordinate the sale, trade, donation and/or recycle of all sets, props, set dressing and wardrobe from a show - and are proud to report that since 2007, they have not sent anything to a landfill. Through FTVS' efforts, they have also been able to build strong relationships with some wonderful non-profit organizations. Here are a few of their most recent donations:

  • Habitat for Humanity has received set dressing, props and wardrobe from several projects. These items are sold in the Habitat store, and the profits are used toward buying the materials needed for builds.
  • LA Women's Shelter received wardrobe and furniture from our wrapped shows. The wardrobe was used by the women who live at the shelter, and the furniture was used around the office and in the main living spaces.
  • Children's Hospital Los Angeles has received furniture.
  • Housing Works in NYC received over 12,000 books.
  • Brooklyn School of Collaborative Studies received over 700 Children and Young Adult books for their in house library.
  • World Vision received furniture for their satellite office in NYC.
  • Build IT GREEN NYC received a variety of items for their GREEN warehouse in New York.
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Campaign: Eco-Friendly Travel to Work

In the third Ice Age movie, Scrat, Sid and their friends return happily to their ice age homes after an exciting adventure in the world of the dinosaurs. In reality, animals are not always that lucky. Many fellow animals from the ice age herd are more and more threatened by climate change. Therefore, Scrat and Co. have long been present in the Fox Mobile Group offices worldwide as ambassadors for the CoolChange energy initiative.

To re-engage employees engagement in struggle against climate change, Fox Mobile Group now promotes employees who come to work in an eco-friendly way. Anyone who comes to the Berlin office by bike or public transport on July 3, 2009 is presented with an Ice Age merchandise surprise.

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