May 2009

FOX Turkey Opens New Energy Efficient, State of the Art Headquarters

Fox Turkey.JPGThe FOX Television Campus in Istanbul, Turkey, is a melding of the original Ottoman Empire Topkapi "Caique Hani" (Boat House) with the needs of a modern corporate production facility. With the exception of the a few specific imported materials, the majority of the project was sourced and built within a 50 mile radius of the Istanbul site. The facility employes the use of low temperature "cool" lighting, resulting in very low energy consumption for what is, in principle, a 24 hour facility and lighting load. Phillips & Osram were instrumental in making low wattage, high performance light sources available for the project.

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Recycling on the Fox Lot

The Fox Lot.jpgWaste reduction and diversion are a crucial environmental goal on the Fox lot in Los Angeles. In order to maximize diversion rates, a single stream waste system is used. Only food and wet waste are separated - all other waste is sorted by hand by Fox's waste hauler, Athens. Athens provides Fox with monthly audits. Athens's operations and diversion rates are in turn audited by the City of Los Angeles. On an annual basis, 2,724.1 tons of waste are generated on the Fox lot. 416.7 tons are sent to landfill - a waste diversion rate of 84.7%. In addition, 87.5 tons of food waste are sent to a commercial composting program as part of a program with the City of Los Angeles.

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Tooth Fairy Recycling/Waste

Tooth Fairy, a Fox feature film, took several truck loads of set decorating, platforms and set pieces. One compete set was sold to Sony, two other sets were dismantled and put in storage for future use, and the largest set was completely dismantled and its lumber sold. In addition, the dead trees from the orchard set were chipped to be used in gardens; 80% of the set decorating smalls were sold or given to charity; all steel and other metals went to a scrap dealer; and a load of timber and a log went to a Native Indian Carver to share with the Emily College of Art.

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DESS Recycling

The Day the Earth Stood Still, filmed in Vancouver, Canada, was able to divert several hundred tons of waste by recycling on stage and on location and by donating sets, construction materials, props and set decorating smalls to other productions in the area or to local charitable organizations.

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Wolverine: X Men Origins

In a partnership with local waste management agencies such as the Queenstown Lakes District Council, Wolverine: X-Men Origins, which was filmed in Australia and New Zealand, was able to audit its waste streams, assess the quantities of waste and recyclables produced, and identify every opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle or donate materials throughout the production. During production, approximately 670 tons of waste was produced out of which an estimated 615 tons was diverted from the landfill through reuse and recycling - a 92% diversion rate.

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Memphis Junk Mail - Promax Nominations

WHBQ-TV Memphis received two Promax nominations for its PSA "Junk Mail". It is nominated in both Directing and the PSA categories. Promax/BDA is an international marketing, promotion and design organization with 3,000 members from more than 70 countries. A Promax award is the marketing world's version of the Academy Award.

"Junk Mail" was part of a unique three part campaign produced in the summer of 2008 that was used by FOX O&O's all over the country. The spots utilized actor and actor wannabes from WHBQ. Literally covered in bills, letters and direct mail envelopes, Junk Mail was a walking, talking environmental disaster just looking for a way to recycle! Memphis_junkmail.jpeg

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Saving Grace - Season 3

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, "Saving Grace" season 3 production staff and crew has successfully incorporated the following into their daily routine:

  • Recycling stations throughout the production office and stage for glass, aluminum, paper and plastic
  • Use of biodegradable utensils, plates, cups at the craft service station
  • Use of CFLs
  • Electronic distribution of all production documentation using Doczilla. When print outs are needed, the staff uses of recycled paper and double-sided copying is required
  • Personal use water bottles have been eliminated. Five gallon water bottles are placed at craft service and around the office for refills. Biodegradable refillable bottles have been given to all staff and crew members
  • Office supplies are recycled amongst departments
  • The crew has also organized and Electronic Recycling Day. All the electronics that are dropped off are recycled according to California Recycling Laws for electronics
  • Energy Conservation (computers, copies turned off at night)
  • Biodegradable cleaning products are used by the cleaning staff
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Atlanta's FOX 5 Earth Day 2009

FOX 5 in Atlanta partnered with the Better Business Bureau to raise awareness for a special "shredding event" to help consumers safely destroy sensitive documents that could be used by criminals engaging in identity theft. Each participant brought approximately 3 boxes/bags of paper-based materials, amounting to roughly 1-2 cubic feet for shredding. In return, a BBB volunteer gave out ID theft/fraud prevention educational materials. WAGA-EarthDay 0409 small use this one.jpg

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Austin FOX 7 - Earth Day 2009

Austin's FOX 7 celebrated Earth Day week 2009 Austin EARTH DAY 0409 small.JPGthroughout the city with special reports on a variety of topics, including a visit to a Habitat for Humanity Recycling store, and the creation of a "no-idle zone" at an area school, plus an in-depth interview on "green jobs".

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Philly WTXF Earth Day 2009 Efforts

WTXF-FOX 29 partnered with the City of Philadelphia PhillyClean5 small.jpg in the 2nd Annual Mayor's Spring Cleanup. FOX 29 fielded a team the day of the clean-up and helped the city promote the event to bring out volunteers. More than 100 community organizations participated with around 10,000 volunteers, who supported more than 100 community-driven beautification projects in neighborhoods across the city. Almost 5,000 recycling bins were distributed to citizens and an estimated 1,500 city neighborhood blocks were cleaned.

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WFXT Boston Participates in EarthFest

WFXT participated in EarthFest, the largest free radio station concert in Boston that focuses on environmental issues. In partnership, FOX's "Green Tips" aired on Radio 92.9.

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