April 2009

Earth Day On National Geographic

Nation Geographic's Earth Day celebration kicked off March 28th when the network teamed up with the National Geographic Society to participate in Earth Hour. The physical National Geographic campus turned off all lights for Earth Hour and the network supported the event by running public service announcements encouraging consumer participation.

On April 22nd, under the Preserve Our Planet umbrella and in conjunction with a global effort, National Geographic U.S. built a substantial on-air event for Earth Day 2009. The event was anchored by a three-hour programming block featuring:

  • State of the Planet: Earth Report 2009 - From advances in predicting earthquakes and typhoons, to amazing infrared imagery of volcanoes, to cracking the code of the physical world, and the discovery of 125,000 majestic lowland gorillas, this was a year to remember. The Earth is teaching us . . . warning us . . . promising us . . . spurring us towards ingenious inventions of a smarter future. These scientific breakthroughs formed the core of this year's Earth Report.
  • Earth: The Biography: Rare Planet - The story of how our planet may be much more special than we ever imagined, and how we are beginning to affect the very systems that make it so unique.
  • Garbage Moguls - A one hour documentary special that follows eco-capitalist and CEO Tom Szaky, along with his twenty-something staff at TerraCycle, as they attempt to develop products made from garbage and turn the world's trash into cash or go brok trying.


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WJBK Detroit's Earth Day Activities 2009

WJBK Detroit recently partnered with the Better Business Bureau sponsoring an Earth Day free paper shredding effort. Fox 2 News also collaborated with Wayne State University on Earth Day, with elements in all newscasts, including volunteer opportunities, recyling tips, tree planting, online tools and more. They also invited the Urban Farming organization for a second year of partnership (UF grows food for free conumption on vacant properties).

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FOX Chicago's Earth Day (April 22nd)

WFLD FOX Chicago partnered with JEWEL-OSCO this Earth Day (April 22nd) to launch the "Choose to Reuse" challenge, an initiative aimed at increasing consumer use of reusable bags in order to save millions of plastic bags from ending up in area landfills. The first 100 customers who brought in 10 plastic bags to be recycled at any JEWEL-OSCO store received a free reuseable bag. "Good Day Chicago" Meteorologist Mark Strehl reported live from a JEWEL-OSCO store in Chicago and shared insights on the benefits of reusing and recycling, while also showcasing some eco-friendly products. markstrehl Chi 09 small.jpg

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American Idol Donates Solar Panels to LA School

Solar Electricity a Big Hit on "American Idol"

From the red carpet to school, FOX, BEF and E-Village Solar use star power to educate students about renewable energy

Solar giveaway promo Anoop and Lil.JPG
Los Angeles, Calif. -- April 21, 2009 -- Star power of a different sort will be celebrated on Friday, April 24 at 9:15 a.m. as "American Idol" and Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) unveil a new 1.36-kilowatt solar-electric system at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy in Los Angeles.

FOX and "American Idol" partnered with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), E-Village Solar and Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) to green last season's "American Idol" finale, placing a solar-electric system on the red carpet and now bringing the power of the sun to Camino Nuevo.

With the system installation, Camino Nuevo Charter Academy joins BEF's national Solar 4R Schools program, which teaches students and communities nationwide about renewable energy.

BEF donated solar panels and data monitoring for the 1.36-kilowatt solar-electric system as well as educational classroom materials. E-Village Solar donated the inverter and installation. The system, located on the roof of the high school building, will be used to teach students about photovoltaic technology, and will further the school's mission of educating students in a college preparatory program to be literate, critical thinkers and independent problem-solvers who are agents of social justice with sensitivity toward the world around them.

"This opportunity will help our school and community take an active role in working towards a brighter future," said Philip Lance, co-founder of Camino Nuevo Charter Academy. "Students will learn the importance of being energy efficient and environmentally aware, and of investing in renewable sources."

See full press release here.

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Fox Entertainment Group Earth Day Programs 2009

In conjunction with Earth Day 2009 and the 'Green It. Mean It.' campaign, Fox Entertainment hosted several audience and employee engagement events and programs. These included:

  • Talent Guest-Bloggers on the Global Energy Initiative website. Talent included Kelli Williams (Lie to Me), Erica Ash (MADtv), Mary Murphy (So You Think You Can Dance) and Kathy Najimy (King of the Hill). Guest-Bloggers tried to encourage both employees and the public to pay more attention to climate change and the environment.
  • Participation in Earth Hour: Earth Hour is a global initiative in which millions of people around the world cast a vote in favor of action on climate change by turning off their lights for one hour on March 28, 2009, at 8:30pm local time. By voting with light switches, Earth Hour participants sent a powerful, visual message to their leaders demanding immediate action on climate change. In a video shown at the Earth Hour opening ceremony in LA, several shows were shown going 'lights out' - including American Idol, Bones, SPEED TV, Family Guy, and the sets of Good Day LA, FOX 11 News, and FOX Sports West.
  • FOX All Access Goes Green: The weekend prior to Earth Day, FOX All Access went green by having celebrities talk about what everyone could do to make a difference in the environment. Some of the music followed this them by being the "unplugged," acoustic versions.
  • Programming Tie-Ins: Throughout Earth Month, FOX and Twentieth Century Fox TV and Fox TV Studios programming followed climate, energy, and environmental themes.
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Blue Sky's Inaugural Earth Week

Blue Sky had its inaugural Earth Week this week. Here's a brief re-cap:

The Greatest Swap Shop of All- Extended through end of day tomorrow!
Everyone that donated as well as those who took, helped alleviate the stuff that might otherwise end up in landfills. There were so many great items that were made available and when people took, they helped accomplish the second "r" in being green- reduce, reuse and recycle. The Salvation Army will be here Monday 4/27 to pick up all unwanted items.

Craig Michaels of the Riverkeeper

Craig presented a wonderful discussion of the Hudson River and why it is vital that we all cooperate to ensure that the waterways remain as clean as possible. For those that live in NYC and depend on the water system, did you know that the water that comes out of your tap is unfiltered? No worries, though. NYC bought the land surrounding the reservoirs and perseveres to ensure that no harmful elements enter the water supply. For more information on the organization, here's their link: http://www.riverkeeper.org/

Earth Day Fair:

Brief synopsis of each topic:
Composting: Lauren Weber showed how easy it is to create a compost. The environmental benefits of composting are that you are putting less into landfills as well as creating nutrient rich soil. For more information:

Connecticut D.E.P. Information on home composting http://www.ct.gov/dep/cwp/view.asp?a=2718&q=325370&depNav_GID=1645
Composting in the Classroom http://compost.css.cornell.edu/CIC.html
DIY worm farm http://www.nyccompost.org/how/wormbin.html

Amount of Food Wasted: Diana Diriwaechter impressed upon us that not only is throwing out food wasteful, but that there is also an environmental impact. As the food rots, it releases methane, a greenhouse gas that is 20 times more damaging to the environment than CO2. Landfills account for 34% of all methane emissions in the US. More info:

Food product dating: http://www.fsis.usda.gov/Fact_Sheets/Food_Product_dating/index.asp
Food Waste: http://www.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/asiapcf/09/24/food.leftovers/index.html#cnnSTCText;
How to reduce overall waste: http://www.epa.gov/osw/wycd/index.htm

Sustainable Seafood:
Brien Hindman discussed why farmed salmon is detrimental to you as well as to the actual species of fish. Salmon farming pollutes the water and spreads disease to the wild salmon population. According to one of the websites included below, Washington classifies farmed Atlantic salmon that escape as pollutants. Additionally, many people were dumbfounded to learn that the seemingly ubiquitous shrimp is actually hazardous to your health due to a suspected carcinogen that is used in many Asian countries as feed as well as damaging to the environment.

General info: http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/cr/cr_seafoodwatch/download.aspx
Salmon: (www.4sos.org/howhelp/help.asp ).

Community Supported Agriculture: Joe Bonomo informed us that the Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) model provides a direct relationship between a local farmer and a consumer, a rarity these days. When you join a CSA, you pay the farmers at the start of the season, and they share with you whatever they harvest each week at a pickup site. With guaranteed income, the farmers can focus completely on producing the best crops they can.
CSA Membership provides great benefits to you and the environment, and you're eliminating the environmental expense of having your food travel thousands of miles before you eat it, as it does in traditional distribution models. (FYI- the average distance your food travels to get to your table is 1,500 miles.)

Great directory of CSA farms other "eat local" resources: http://localharvest.org
Local CSA with several Blue Sky members (2009 season is mostly full): http://roxburyfarm.com
Roxbury Farm's blog: http://roxburyfarm.blogspot.com/

Humane Livestock Farming: Irka Seng presented the dirtier side of the big agribusiness in the US that raises and kills 10 billion animals per year for food. These animals are treated solely as units of production; their natural needs are denied to them on a daily basis.

Factory Farming:
Nearby sustainable restaurant/farm: http://www.bluehillfarm.com/food/blue-hill-stone-barns
Food, Inc trailer: http://robertkennerfilms.com/films/files/detail_current.php
Resource for how to support sustainable food-related businesses: http://www.eatwellguide.org/i.php?pd=Home

Hydrogen Cell Fueled Cars: Gates Roberg-Clark brought in a cut away model of a GM fuel cell. He then explained how the fuel cell is used to generate electricity using gaseous hydrogen and oxygen. The output of the fuel cell is water vapor. The Chevy Equinox fuel cell vehicle uses the fuel cell to power the electric motor and propel the car. These cars travel between 160 and 200 miles on 4 kilograms of hydrogen and consume no fossil fuels in the driving of the car. Renewable energy can power the electrolysis of water to create the hydrogen. This means that there is a potential of zero carbon emissions during your driving experience. As technology improves, our techniques of electrolysis will become less electrically expensive and make this a more viable long term fueling solution.

For more information on GM's fuel cell visit:

To sign up for project driveway and apply to test drive a car for 2 months, visit this site (Join the forums if you are offered it, that is how they primarily choose drivers):

Blue Sky Recycling: Dave Franks has researched the trash/recycling disposal pipelines in accordance with Greenwich and Connecticut regulations. While American Lane does recycle a considerable amount of trash in line with the municipal regulations (more than 20,000 lbs per month), Blue Sky's janitorial vendor improperly commingles the mixed paper we recycle with the bottles and cans we diligently separate --unfortunately contaminating the mixed paper waste stream. Facilities is working to correct the error to be able to fully comply with Connecticut's recycling regulations and Blue Sky's commitment to a greener environment.
Greenwich recycling: http://www.greenwichct.org/publicworks/pwWABlueBin.asp
NYC recycling: http://www.nyc.gov/html/nycwasteless/html/recycling/recycle_what.shtml
Westchester recycling: http://www.westchestergov.com/environment_recycling.htm

Other sites/links that address environmental issues:
How to get your name removed from catalog lists: catalogchoice.org
The story of stuff (consumerism and its impact on the planet) : http://www.storyofstuff.com as well as Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
How to calculate your water footprint: http://www.waterfootprint.org/?page=files/home
Floating island of plastic in pacific ocean: http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/capt_charles_moore_on_the_seas_of_plastic.html
How to acquire or get rid of stuff in nyc: http://www.nyc.gov/html/stuffex/html/home/home.shtml
Plastic bags: http://www.abc.net.au/science/features/bags/default.htm
Trace the real environmental impact of the stuff we buy. (Good for parents with regards to lead, etc) http://www.goodguide.com/
The real cost of stuff we love- chocolate, cotton: http://www.sundancechannel.com/ecotrip/
Michael Pollan 5/14 speaking engagement: http://www.amnh.org/programs/programs.php?src=p_h&date=2009-05-14&event_id=1244

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Energy Saving Tips From Elizabeth Rogers

Elizabeth Rogers, author of "The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time" and creator of Shift Your Habit, spoke with New York employees on ways that each person can shift out of habits to save money, time, and the planet on April 21 at the FOX Sports Suite.

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Fox IT Energy Team at the 2009 Fox Earth Day Fair

On Friday, April 17, 2009, Fox IT was stationed at a solar powered booth provided by FTL Solar of Austin. IT demonstrated Microsoft Live Meeting and teleconferencing via Microsoft Office Communicator (OCS). They also distributed information about teleconferencing, Fox IT Training, the Los Angeles County Hazardous/E-Waste Disposal Program and a Fox IT Green Update.

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"Burn Notice" - Season 3

The "Burn Notice" crew is one of the first in Miami that is committed to the environment and is implementing the following procedures to ensure our production is as environmentally friendly as we can be. Global ideas that we will be implementing:
  • Purchased recycled white paper and recycled office supplies (binders, labels,dividers, etc.) whenever possible
  • The City of Miami does not run a recycling program so the show has hired a private waste company to pick up and recycle paper goods, cardboard, aluminum
  • Becoming as much paper-less office as possible. Purchasing scan snap machines for production and accounting offices to scan documents, as well as creating as many forms as possible that can be submitted and distributed electronically, instead of on hard copy, to include request forms such as insurance certificates, office supplies etc.
  • We will be double siding all crew, contact lists as well as studio/network drafts of episodic scripts
  • Using Biodegradable cleaning products around the office (like Seventh Generation, Method)
  • Recycle paper - using waste paper as scrap paper for petty cash receipts as well as sending our waste paper to a recycling facility
  • Use refillable pens whenever possible
  • Recycle Aluminum wrappers through Energy Bar Brigade. Web site: Terracycle.net. The show collects all clean energy & granola bar wrappers with foil lining from the staff and crew and mails them into TerraCycle where they will be "up-cycled" into fashionable accessories. For each wrapper we collect, 2 cents will be donated to the non-profit organization, Green For All, based in Oakland, California
  • Recycle used ink cartridges, and /or return them to the office supply store for credit whenever feasible
  • Purchasing paper goods for the production office kitchen / craft service department. We will also reduce the number of disposable items we will need to purchase encouraging all office staff to bring in their own dishes, mugs and cups
  • We have provided the entire crew with aluminum reusable bottles and have eliminated plastic bottles on set
  • Switching any halogen or incandescent bulbs around the office to CFL's. Any unused lights are being turned off to conserve energy
  • Using water coolers and no plastic water bottles in all stage and production office areas
  • Encouraging car-pooling among crew members whenever possible
  • Serving at least 3-4 organic dishes during lunch and implementing organic food where possible for craft service
  • Reusing construction materials such as flats
  • Using Biodegradable cleaning products on set
  • Using rags in addition to paper towels for on-set cleaning to minimize the use of paper towels
  • Using rechargeable batteries whenever possible
  • Shopping for props, set decoration, etc. at thrift stores
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cross-Platform Campaign Features "Green Tips"
Courtesy of FOX Talent and Much More

To raise awareness for Earth Day, Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) has launched "Green It. Mean It.," a comprehensive on- and off-air initiative that kicked off Sunday and will culminate on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22. The annual cross-platform campaign features special on-air graphic elements and promos; primetime programming tie-ins; an online initiative on FOX.com; as well as the donation of a solar electric system to a Los Angeles-area school. Designed to raise both viewer and employee awareness of environmental issues, "Green It. Mean It." complements FOX's ongoing efforts to reduce the network's impact on the world's climate and become carbon neutral by 2010.

Highlights of the campaign include:

Special "Green It. Mean It" graphic elements will be used for the duration of the Earth Day campaign across network divisions, and will be featured in on-air promotions and on FOX.com.

As part of the eco-initiative, actors from FOX series will offer "Green Tips" in promos that will air on the network and its affiliated stations, as well as appear on FOX.com. The tips will also be provided to more than 2000 radio stations for their use during all day parts. The promos, featuring talent from 24, AMERICAN IDOL, BONES, FAMILY GUY, FRINGE, GLEE, LIE TO ME and SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, among other FOX series, will offer tips on greening practices and information on environmental issues. Examples include:

  • "Insulating your home's attic, pipes, ductwork, and floors can save 25 percent on your energy bill. Ask a professional to help make your home more energy efficient."

  • "Creating a greener planet will require us to change the goods we use and the ways we live and work. Making this transition will require the skills of contractors, electricians, engineers and entrepreneurs. Search the internet for job sites that post opportunities in this growing global business."

  • "A cleaner planet needs the brightest of minds. Put your gifts to use by encouraging legislators, utility companies, employers and manufacturers to support green initiatives. Doing so will help curb pollution, create new jobs and change our future."

FOX series HOUSE, THE SIMPSONS and PRISON BREAK will feature special themes inspired by Earth Day.

FOX.com will host a dedicated microsite (www.fox.com/greenitmeanit) featuring the "Green Tips" from FOX talent, a "Green Tip" of the Day, as well as information and links to eco-friendly resources. Tips and information will also be distributed daily via Twitter, MySpace and other social networking and new media sites.

FOX has partnered with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), E-Village Solar and the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) to donate a solar-electric system similar to the one used to power the red carpet at the 2008 AMERICAN IDOL finale to Camino Nuevo Charter Academy. The 1.36-kilowatt solar-electric system, which will be unveiled on Friday, April 17, is being installed on the roof of the school to teach students about photovoltaic technology. Students will be able to monitor the system's power output and compare it to nearly 100 other systems in BEF's Solar 4R Schools program nationwide. The donation also includes classroom activities such as solar cars, solar ovens and wind turbine kits.

In a special Earth Day themed mailing, FOX will send a dozen vegetable seed packets to radio personalities in the Top 25 markets. The vegetable seed packets will accompany the network's monthly mailer honoring THE SIMPSONS "Best. 20 Years. Ever." campaign.

FOX All Access radio show, syndicated to more than 120 radio stations across the country, will host Earth Day-themed radio shows on Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19.

To raise further awareness and engage employees, FOX will host an Earth Day Fair Friday, April 17 on the FOX lot for employees and guests. During the fair, employees can interact with a variety of vendors that provide environmentally friendly products and services. On Earth Day, and in partnership with The Surfrider Foundation, FOX talent and employees can volunteer to participate in a beach clean-up in Santa Monica, CA.

Contact: Jennifer Sprague

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2009 Preserve Our Planet Film Contest Voting

Online voting has begun for National Geographic Channel's Second Annual 'Preserve Our Planet' College Film and PSA Contest and will continue until April 15. The voters' choice will determine which two runner-up finalists win a cash prize and a trip to Washington, D.C., this June for the annual National Geographic Explorers Symposium. Cast your vote here,

More than 100 college students across the country submitted short films and public service announcements this fall in the spirit of this year's theme, "Together We Can Make a Difference." National Geographic Channel's panel of judges selected a winner in each category and three runner-up finalists to compete for the audience award in online voting.

National Geographic Channel's judges awarded first place to Bruce Pinchbeck from Drexel University for his film, "Bicycle Co-op" and Peter Han from Pacific Union College for his public service announcement "Why Would You?" Now its up to you to determine the Audience Award winners.

"Why Would You?" and the Audience Award winning PSA will air during National Geographic Channel's Earth Day events, airing Wednesday, April 22, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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FEG Panelists at Greening Hollywood Set by Set, and Variety artice

Several Fox Entertainment Group employees spoke at Greening Hollywood Set by Set, hosted by the Location Managers Guild of America in March. Gretchen Lewotsky, VP of state and local government affairs and environmental operations, spoke along with Steven John, Director of the EPA Southern California field office. Suggestions for practical strategies were made by panelists, including FEG's Josh Mark (FOX Broadcasting company), Lisa Day (Fox Filmed Entertainment), and Mike Posey (20th Century Fox Television).

The event was also featured by the Daily Variety's article "Green Game Plan for Biz."

Daily Variety - Green Game Plan for Biz.pdf

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Nat Geo Earth Day Concert

A free and Zero Impact concert will be held in Rome on Earth Day, hosted by Nat Geo Music Channel (a Fox International Channel), to be streamed LIVE around the world. Watch the concert live on Earth Day April 22 at 8pm Italy time at www.natgeotv.com. The concert stars Ben Harper and Relentless7, and guests Subsonica, Nneka, Bibi Tanga, and the event will be hosted by Giorgia Surina (actress and TV/radio host), with international talent like Sol Guy (Explorer in residence from the National Geographic Society).

(Update - 120,000 fans showed up for the concert!)

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24 Carbon Neutral featured in Christian Science Monitor

"24" and its achievement as the first-ever carbon neutral TV production was featured in a story in Christian Science Monitor.

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