March 2009

STAR Supports Earth Hour

STAR SUPPORTS EARTH HOUR - As part of its Start Now initiative, STAR supported WWF's climate change campaign, Earth Hour, which took place in over 4,000 cities and towns in 88 countries on March 28, between 8:30pm and 9:30pm. In Hong Kong and mainland China, all non-essential lights in the office were switched off for one hour at 8:30pm on the day.

STAR donated a total of 591 minutes of airtime across its network to run Earth Hour's PSAs. Played out on 11 of STAR's channels, the PSAs potentially reached more than 143 million households in India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Indonesia among others. And a crawler was also played throughout the day to remind viewers to turn their lights off.

In addition to its network of channels, STAR promoted the campaign internally via email announcements, posters, as well as web banners and PSAs on the Intranet. Staff members were encouraged to sign up for the event and take part at home, spreading the word to their family and friends. Email tags were also added to all outgoing emails to spread the message to business partners.

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STAR's Efficiencies Across the Region - In some recently tabulated results, STAR has had some encouraging numbers coming in from across Asia. In Hong Kong, STAR's non core electricity usage has gone down by 10% Year on Year. In India, consumption of plastic water bottles has gone down by over 40 % and consumption of paper has gone down by over 17%. Overall electricity usage at the HK headquarters fell by 2%. And by making better use of digital conferencing tools, the CO2 emitted from air travel by STAR Hong Kong employees fell 40% Year on Year. STAR Taiwan had some great results in terms of plastic bottle and aluminum can recycling, boosting the number of cans and bottles recycled by its staff by a whopping 100%! And at STAR China, recycling and printer-setting initiatives paid off as paper usage has decreased by 12%!

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My Name Is Earl S4 Accomplishments

My Name Is Earl, produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television, just wrapped for Season 4 and have made some impressive accomplishments this season:
  • B20 is being used for all diesel powered trucks and generators.
  • 100% Green Power purchased from LA DWP to offset all power used on stage and throughout the offices.
  • All house lights around the offices and stages have been replaced with more efficient fixtures and ballasts, which we estimate will reduce our usage by over 40% and save us approximately $15K per year.
  • The Production has reduced the amount of water bottles used on set by over 50% due to the purchasing of personal water canteens for the crew.
  • Last season, they included the topic of climate change into several episodes and look to do more this season.
  • "Robbed A Stoner Blind" Ep. 310 ("Randy In Charge") has multiple climate issues included.
  • Hybrid 5-Ton is being used to transport props and set dressing.
  • When it was discovered that their waste management company could not provide the service, a recycling program (paper, plastic, glass) was implemented by the crew.
  • Reusable bags are used shopping for groceries at the market.
  • "MY NAME IS EARL" was recently honored at the 2008 EMA awards with a Green Seal, which seeks to recognize those productions that choose to embody and promote sustainable ideas.
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Van Jones to Speak on the FOX lot in Los Angeles

Van Jones, NY Times bestselling author is speaking on the FOX lot on March 2, 2009, in Los Angeles. Jones is an environmental advocate and a civil rights activist, and is the founder of Green for All, and organization committed to building an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty. His first book, The Green Collar Economy, was released by HarperOne in October 2008 and outlines Jones' "substantive and viable plan for solving the biggest issues facing the country--the failing economy and our devastated environment." And in 2008, Jones was named an "Environmental Hero" by Time Magazine, and was called one of the "12 Most Creative Minds" of the year by Fast Company.

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"24" Becomes First-Ever Carbon Neutral Television Production

Show Reduces Its Season Seven Carbon Footprint By 43% Through Greener Production Practices; PSA Campaign Featuring Series' Stars Kicks Off Monday, March 2, on FOX.

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