Earth Day 2008 Concert in Rome

On Earth Day 2008, Rome became the worldwide capital of music for the environment. Nat Geo Music, the musical channel of National Geographic (406 of SKY), celebrated Earth Day by organizing NAT GEO MUSIC LIVE: MUSIC FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. Some of the most creative artists of the Italian and international scene performed live music for the Roman public, including Cesaria Evora, Vinicio Capossela, Sud Sound System, Saba and Nidi D’Arac. The goal was not only to entertain, but also to educate the audience about environmental issues and actions they could take to care for the planet. The concert was opened by an emerging star of the Italian musical panorama, Saba, who mixed pop and R&B with sounds of Africa and Somalia in particular. Then the Sud Sound System performed their particular mix of local music and Jamaican rhythms. We remained in Salento with the performance of the Nidi d’Arac and their blend of folk music of Southern Italy in with a modern spin. Their performance was supported by the Tamburellisti of San Rocco. Then came a musical legend, Cesaria Evora. The singer of Cabo Verde proved her class and elegance, which has given her the reputation as the Queen of “morna” (the style that fuses African percussion with Portuguese fado and Brazilian music). The concert closed with another great Italian artist: Vinicio Capossela. The concert was aired on LifeGate Radio and was streamed on With Impact Zeroî of LifeGate, all the CO2 emissions caused by the concert were offset through the creation of new forests in Costa Rica. The total carbon produced during the event was equal to 30,500 kilograms, and was offset by 19,700 square meters of new forests ( The Earth Day Concert was made possible by the sponsorship of and the collaboration with the Comune di Roma, Regione Lazio and Sviluppo Lazio. LifeGate Radio was the media partner.