FTVStudios Carbon Reduction Efforts

Fox Television Studios has taken many steps to reduce its carbon emissions. These are some of the efforts:

  • We have moved all personnel into a smaller and more efficient working space. All of the office lights are energy-efficient and are on sensors that turn them off automatically. The office suite is surrounded by windows, so natural light fills almost all of the working space.
  • We have recycling bins throughout the space for all types of recyclable material. All employees are encouraged to turn off all of their equipment when possible. We do not use individual bottles of water - we use recyclable cups or our own permanent drinking cups.
  • Our post department uses the internet to view dailies. No more rushes tape or DVDs across town or by FedEx.cWe PDF our documents and send them via e-mail, only to be printed if absolutely necessary. We have a video conference room to keep domestic and international travel to a minimum.
  • We will produce web PSAs with the cast and stars of our shows when they come back into production.
  • We are tracking fuel usage for all phases of production. We are exploring ways to cut the usage as much as possible.