October 2008

Fox TV Studios recylces sets

Fox Television Studios recycles and donates all sets, props, set dressing and wardrobe after a show has wrapped. Donations have been made from shows such as "New Amsterdam," "Jezebel James," "The Riches," "The Shield," "Malcolm in the Middle," and "Crowned," to name a few. We as a studio have also eliminated the use of hard copy distribution at the studio and on productions with the use of the VPO.

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Green Diwali at STAR India

In 2008, STAR India added a Start Now theme to its Diwali (Festival of Lights) celebrations. On October 24, all lights and elevators were switched off for five minutes across all STAR India offices. Staff members gathered together for Diwali celebrations and department heads spoke about the rationale for turning the lights off, as well as son of the things can be done toward a pollution-free Diwali.

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TCFTV/FFE 5-Ton Hybrid Trucks

New 5-ton hybrid trucks are being used on four of Twentieth Century Fox Television's shows: Prison Break, Lie to Me, Bones, and My Name Is Earl. The trucks are used to transport set dressing, props and other materials to and from sets Thumbnail image for Hybrid 5 Ton.JPGand various locations. The vehicles were purchased by Fox Filmed Entertainment, and are estimated to save as much as 60% on fuel costs in comparison to standard diesel 5-tons. And, most importantly, diesel emissions are completely eliminated when the hybrid truck operates equipment solely on the truck's battery power.
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Fox News headquarters in New York participated in an energy audit

Fox News headquarters in New York participated in an energy audit. Sylvania has upgraded many of the offices to higher efficiency lighting and continues floor by floor as the company grows and new floors are added.

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Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network have gone to a tape-less digital system

Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network have gone to a tape-less digital system, no longer using hard tapes for most of their programming. This reduces usage, storage and disposal of plastic cartridges of all types.

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Fox Payroll moved to paperless timecards

Fox Payroll has moved to paperless timecards. As of March 2008, Fox will eliminate the paper pay stubs and make this information available on line. This will save paper, energy and time.

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Fox News now offers Toyota hybrids for car service

Through discussions with First Corporate Sedan, Fox News now offers Toyota hybrids for car service needs upon request.

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Fox News recycles all old office equipment through "Back to the Future"

Fox News recycles all old office equipment through "Back to the Future," a local EPA Certified Electronic Recycling company providing documentation and responsible oversight. Old camera and cell phone batteries are recycled through Rechargeable Battery Recycling Center, a non-profit organization promoting responsible disposal of nickel cadmium batteries.

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Permanent "Green" Lifestyle Changes

Atlanta's station encourages their employees to make permanent

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for FOXe Fueling Change WAGAs tote.jpg"green" lifestyle changes by pledging fuel change both at home and at work. Their goal is to make recycling fun, easy and accessible to everyone. With every five changes made, FOXe Team members earn a reusable FOXe Fueling Change shopping bag. Employee pledge list (see below).

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Facility Remodel with the Environment in Mind

At Fox Chicago, a facility remodel is being reviewed with the environment in mind. Contractors are being encouraged to recycle as much construction waste as possible and heating and cooling will go through a centralized thermal facility that will dramatically reduce overall energy needs. Additionally new lighting fixtures will be installed that will further reduce energy consumption once the new control rooms and studio are on line.

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Eco friendly pantries and meetings at STAR

In its Hong Kong HQ, STAR rolled out reusable cups and spoons in all of its pantries. Biodegradable cutlery, sugarcane plates, as well as paper cups manufactured under sustainable forest management have also been made available for all meetings taking place in the building.

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Start Now Video Contest at STAR

STAR recently ran an internal video contest, allowing staff to express their thoughts about climate change through a creative outlet.

We received an overwhelming response - 49 entries with 130 staff members taking part in all. The top three entries as voted on by judges from across the company were as follows:

1st place prize HK$10,000 - Giant Tree by Yves Huang, Lester Shih, Fan Lin of OAP (STAR Taiwan)

2nd place prize HK$5,000 - Do It by ST Soo, Ronny Lui, Mandy Tay, Gary Lee, Julian Lam, Javed Rasool of OAP (STAR HK)

3rd place prize HK$3,000 - B4 Its Too Late Start Now by Ali Mohammad of Star Plus Operations Pakistan (STAR HK)

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STAR arranges staff discounts on rechargeable batteries & CFLs

In a recent staff engagement exercise at STAR , the Facilities department in Hong Kong arranged a staff discount for the Sanyo Eneloop line of rechargeable batteries and charger kits. In India, a similar initiative was organized to offer staff discounted CFL lighbulbs.

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Arts and Scraps

The FOXe team in Detroit has teamed up with Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for scrappacks 018 (2).JPGArts and Scraps to turn old tape boxes and tapes into craft projects for kids. Arts and Scraps is a nonprofit organization that provides creative learning experiences using recycled materials. In 2007, they recycled 28 tons of industrial scraps and served more than 270,000 children.

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Educate the Community

In an effort to educate the community on the importance of recylcing, the FOXe energy team in Austin produced PSAs for the City of Austin's new single stream recycling program. Separate spots were created to speak directly to kids.

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Goodbye to Polystrene Cups

Goodbye to Polystrene Cups - In the coming year, FTS Houston will phase out the purchase of polystyrene cups - a savings of $6,000-$8,000 a year.

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FOXe in Philly vending machine display

In an effort to educate employees about the negative environmental impact of drinking bottled water, the FOXe energy team at Fox Television Stations in Philadelphia constructed a display using the contents of one vending machine's worth of cans and bottles. The project, which took up an entire wall in the WTXF FOX 29 studio, also provided employees with facts and tips encouraging them to drink tap water from reusable cups.

Philly bottled water display.JPG

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FTVStudios Carbon Reduction Efforts

Fox Television Studios has taken many steps to reduce its carbon emissions. These are some of the efforts:

  • We have moved all personnel into a smaller and more efficient working space. All of the office lights are energy-efficient and are on sensors that turn them off automatically. The office suite is surrounded by windows, so natural light fills almost all of the working space.

  • We have recycling bins throughout the space for all types of recyclable material. All employees are encouraged to turn off all of their equipment when possible. We do not use individual bottles of water - we use recyclable cups or our own permanent drinking cups.

  • Our post department uses the internet to view dailies. No more rushes tape or DVDs across town or by FedEx.cWe PDF our documents and send them via e-mail, only to be printed if absolutely necessary. We have a video conference room to keep domestic and international travel to a minimum.

  • We will produce web PSAs with the cast and stars of our shows when they come back into production.

  • We are tracking fuel usage for all phases of production. We are exploring ways to cut the usage as much as possible.

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Saving Grace's Sustainability Efforts

"Saving Grace" has put many environmental strategies in place for its production efforts. Here are some of our initiatives:

  • Purchase recycled paper; reuse existing office supplies and equipment from Fox Television storage.
  • Reinforce our no water bottle policy.
  • Copy all scripts and production documents double-sided to reduce the output of paper.
  • Purchase organic cleaning supplies for the office and set.
  • Purchase biodegradable cups, plates, utensils, etc. for craft service.
  • Production assistants use reusable shopping bags for craft service and all shopping. They will be buying organic and locally-grown foods whenever possible.
  • Replace light bulbs with long-lasting, energy efficient CFLs.
  • Construction will reuse flats during the construction of new sets.
  • Transportation will not leave vehicles idling at any time and will try to consolidate their runs to reduce fuel usage.
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Burn Notice goes green

Burn Notice Season 2 is making every attempt to "Go Green!" Our crew is one of the first in Miami that is committed to the environment and is implementing the following procedures to ensure our production is as environmentally friendly as possible:

  • Purchase recycled white paper and recycled office supplies (binders, labels, dividers).
  • Become a paper-less office - purchase ScanSnap machines for production & accounting offices to scan documents, and create e-forms that can be submitted and distributed electronically.
  • Use biodegradable cleaning products around the office and on set.
  • Send our waste paper to a recycling facility (even though the city will not service this building for recycling).
  • Source a vendor to recycle aluminum cans and plastic bottles.
  • Encourage all office staff to bring their own dishes, mugs and cups, which will reduce the number of disposable items we will need to purchase.
  • PA's to use reusable bags when purchasing craft service, supply runs and whenever possible; PA's will make an effort purchase fresh craft service from local markets.
  • Switch any halogen or incandescent bulbs around the office to CFL's.
  • Use 5 gallon coolers in all production shops - No bottled water in prop, SPFX, or construction shops.
  • Vehicles are not to be left idling at any time.
  • Reuse flats to construct new sets.
  • Use reusable rags in addition to paper towels for on-set cleaning.
  • Shop for props at thrift stores whenever possible.
  • Research eco-friendly dry cleaners for wardrobe.
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"TALKSHOW" going green

In a concerted effort to help save the planet and conserve resources, TALKSHOW with Spike Feresten is implementing the following policies as an integral component of their daily operation:

  • Purchase recycled paper; utilize recycled office supplies from previous Fox productions.
  • Ban individual water bottles - utilize water coolers only.
  • Recycle all paper and plastic.
  • Print scripts and documents on both sides of paper to reduce paper usage.
  • Ban Styrofoam from office craft and stage.
  • Limit paper distribution to bare minimum; alert staff and crew to rely on e-mail distribution and VPO availability of documentation.
  • Purchase products made from recycled materials.
  • Begin instructing PA's to use reusable bags when shopping for groceries and other supplies.
  • Regulate energy usage in office; remind staff to turn off lights and computers when not in use.
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The main building interior lighting at the 407 building turns off at 8pm each night.

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As a policy, all of Fox Interactive Media's e-waste is recycled or donated.

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