Start Now launches across STAR

The month of May marked the launch of Start Now – our newly rebranded and relaunched climate change initiative. Start Now is the brand for STAR’s very own initiative to tackle climate change. To engaged staff members in supporting the initiative, eco events were held in India, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


The Start Now initiatives were carried out in India in two phases: “I pledge” and “STAR Start Now Mela”.

“I pledge” featured a team of gas-masked children handing out plant seeds to everyone in the office. Staff were then encouraged to sign a pledge book and take the following five oaths:

1.I will not waste electricity.

2.I will not litter.

3.I will not waste water.

4.I will not use plastic bags.

5.I will help plant a tree and nourish it.

“STAR Start Now Mela” engaged each department to put up stalls to give information on measures to tackle global warming, and activities related to eco-friendly topics. The most innovative and inspiring stall (which? TBC) won a grand prize.

Seven Mumbai staff members volunteered and dedicated their time to set up an in-house Start Now band. They write their own songs to spread the message of climate change.

The Start Now initiative also extended to staff members’ families with a kid’s fashion parade under an anti global warming theme.


More than 180 Taiwan staff members, their families and friends joined a bicycle trip to the Bali Left Bank in Taipei. Organised with the Society of Wilderness, the day trip aimed to increase awareness and build support for the preservation of the environment.

Everyone took part in a cleaning/recycling campaign at the beach, with 50 kg of rubbish being removed. There was also a photo contest which offered an inspirational sharing and appreciation of the great outdoors. To echo the environmental friendly theme, four bicycles were given away as prizes to the finalists.


The Hong Kong event took around 150 staff members and their families to an organic farm in Sai Kung for an Eco Family Fun day. The day was filled with eco activities, including organic farming and recycling handicrafts, to bring everyone closer to nature.