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Twentieth Century Fox Television's Emmy-award winning drama, "24," made a landmark commitment to fighting climate change. Executive producer Howard Gordon announced that the over the course of the season, the show would make enough changes to its own productions practices so that the series finale can be "carbon neutral." The production staff of the show has switched to biodiesel fuels to power their generators and production vehicles, started running all on-stage production activities on renewable sources of power, and integrated hybrid vehicles into the production fleet. To communicate this message to their audiences, the show is developing a series of PSA's on about the issue starring Kiefer Sutherland and key cast members.

At the MLB All-Star Game in San Francisco, FOX Sports teamed up with EV Rentals to supply FOX production staff with thirty hybrid vehicles. EV Rentals, the leading provider of hybrid rentals with many locations on the west coast, was a natural partnership for FOX Sports, who has made a number of internal measures to reduce their impact on the environment.

During the MLB All-Star Game, FOX Sports (Fox Networks Group) ran its generators on "B20" (20% blend) biodiesel fuel. In addition to switching to biodiesel, FOX Sports used eco-friendly products for its banners and inks, locally sourced its catered food and water, and rented hybrid and high-gas-mileage vehicles.

In Panama, FFE employees are encouraged to disconnect electrical items such as radios, microwaves, TVs, Copy machines, fax machines, etc when they are not in use.