1. Shut down your computer and turn off your monitor at the end of the day. The FOX lot in Los Angeles avoided 10 million lbs of CO2 emissions, thanks in part to nightly emails reminding employees to shut down their computers and turn off their monitors.
  2. Switch off the lights when you leave your house or office, and make sure you haven’t left on unnecessary heating or air conditioning.We installed light switches and sensors at our headquarters as part of a comprehensive lighting retrofit.
  3. Bike or use public transportation.Through the Fox Commute program, employees can earn time off by biking, carpooling, or taking pubilc transit to work.
  4. Keep a reusable bag nearby to use at the grocery store.Our employees all over the world have been given “Global Energy Initiative” reusable, recycled tote bags and vinyl bags made from old billboards for Fox films.
  5. Buy local or organic food.Every year for Earth Day, employees attend a local foods cooking demonstration in New York.