Our worldwide network of media properties connects us with a global community of viewers

We aim to make the most of our unique scale by engaging and educating audiences on the important social and scientific issues facing our communities, countries, and planet. Our programming sparks curiosity and dialogue, igniting a desire to explore and improve the world. We also support innovative education programs and pathways, providing resources for the next generation of global citizens.

National Geographic

National Geographic brings audiences closer to the stories that matter, making new discoveries, engaging a global community, providing opportunities for lifelong learning, and using science, exploration, and storytelling to change the world. A joint venture with 21st Century Fox, National Geographic reinvests 27% of proceeds to help fund the scientific research, conservation and education efforts of the National Geographic Society.

He Named Me Malala

21CF businesses rallied around Fox Searchlight's He Named Me Malala, combining forces to share with the world the remarkable story of teen activist Malala Yousafzai and her fight for girls' education, and to raise awareness of the more than 60 million girls who are out of school around the globe. The company's global campaigns provided resources for students and teachers and raised funds to provide education for Syrian refugee children.

Satyamev Jayate

Bold on-screen storytelling is a uniquely potent tool for sparking conversations that lead to change. On the STAR Network in India, no subject is taboo for Satyamev Jayate (or, "Truth Alone Prevails"), as Bollywood star Aamir Khan travels the country to discuss India's most sensitive social issues. The most talked-about show in Indian history, it continues to drive grassroots movements and legislative change across the country.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Cosmos is the first primetime network show in history devoted exclusively to science education. With innovative stories and visuals, it makes complex and intimidating subjects from astrophysics to climate change accessible to everyone, entertaining and inspiring the next generation of scientists and dreamers around the world. Fox International Channels gave Cosmos the largest international rollout in the history of television, premiering the show in 181 countries across nearly 50 languages.

FOX Sports University

FOX Sports University is an academic program that gives college students hands-on experience in sports management, business, and journalism. FOX Sports executives outline a challenge facing the business, and the students spend the semester crafting their solution, giving them the opportunity to develop their marketing and research skills in a professional setting. The program is currently offered at 40 universities across the U.S.