National Geographic’s “Preserve Our Planet” Campaign


    The National Geographic Channel (part of the Fox Networks Group), in collaboration with the National Geographic Society, has launched a broad new initiative – Preserve Our Planet – dedicated to making conservation relevant to viewers’ everyday lives. 

    The theme for the first year of Preserve Our Planet, “What You Do Counts,” features content that will help people understand their individual impact on the planet as well as provide them with environmentally conscious alternatives.  By utilizing the full reach of its platforms, National Geographic has been able to put forward a divers array of content and engage with a variety of audiences on the issue of climate change.

    On-Air Programming

    • Programming specials include Six Degrees Could Change the World, which premiered on February 10, 2008 and reached over 6.7 million viewers; Human Footpring, premiering in April 2008; Earth the Biography, premiering in 2008 as well as numerous other series and specials.
    • National Geographic Channel has produced a series of “Preserve Our Planet” PSA’s to inform viewers about how their choices and activities can make a positive impact in the effort to protect our environment.
    • NGC will also feature PSA’s and vignettes featuring talent and explorers from within the network.  Through short video segments, hosts such as Dr. Mike Heithaus of Crittercam, Dr. Brady Barr of Danerous Encounters, and Cesar Millan of Dog Whisperer will demonstrate exactly how “What You Do Counts.”

    User-Generated Video Contest:

    NGC’s first annual “Preserve Our Planet: College Film and PSA contest will offer viewers the opportunity to highlight their own ideas on how to preserve the planet.  The first-place film and PSA will be selected by a distinguished panel of judges, while the second-place winner in each category will be determined by online voting.  Each winning student will receive a cash prize and the top two film and PSA winners will be flown to Washington, DC, to have their work screened at the kick-off event of the annual world-wide gathering of National Geographic Explorers.  Finally, winning and select finalist films will be broadcast nationally as part of NGC’s Earth Day events via NGC On Demand.