Fox TV Distribution Goes Digital and Green with FOXFAST


    “Fast. Green. Free.” is the tagline of Fox’s Television Distribution’s new content delivery platform, and it has proven to be all that and more. FOXFAST, the new, completely digital distribution process developed by Fox, is projected to save nearly $10M per year by strategically avoiding the rising costs of manufacturing and shipping. Prior to June 2011, TVD was distributing 65,000 tapes, 15,000 DVDs and 50,000 sales sheets, press kits, images, synopses and more each year. FOXFAST avoids all physical distribution costs with this streamlined approach, uploading and storing all media assets digitally for immediate access.

    FOXFAST customers are enthusiastic about the efficiency, ease, and cost savings of the updated model. Eilon Arielli, a material coordinator at Yes DBS Satellite Services, states: “We can find broadcast files, scripts, photographs; everything is on the same website which is very, very helpful.” With the rising costs of manufacturing and shipping, the ability to obtain content digitally is a tremendous advantage for the businesses that work with Fox Television Distribution.

    FOXFAST’s bottom line benefits are impressive, but the environmental implications are remarkable as well. The carbon emissions associated with TVD’s former manufacturing and distribution process were over 400 metric tons/yr. By switching to digital distribution, 100% of the materials-associated emissions are avoided. Now that the media assets are encoded, they can be repurposed endlessly, and the platform will continue to save money and allow both Fox and its partners to work efficiently and sustainably.