FOX Events Go Green


    FOX’s “Green It. Mean It” campaign is always top of mind at the network’s big events — and this year’s Teen Choice Awards and the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards were no exception. Both took impressive, industry-leading and creative measures to reduce their environmental impacts and spread the message of sustainability.

    Red Carpet

    A variety of alternative energy sources were used to power the Teen Choice Awards, held on August 7, including solar panels, energy-producing mountain bikes, and even a blue (in place of red) carpet that captured and harvested the energy of every footprint on its surface. The mountain bikes were an inviting way for young people to participate in the awards show, contribute to the alternative energy supply, and to work up a healthy sweat. The popular event that awarded teen’s favorites in movies, music and television, including Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, and Selena Gomez, proved successful at communicating the need for environmental awareness to the younger generation.

    The adults missed out on power-generating bicycles, but the 63rd Primetime Emmy awards did include some exciting eco-friendly concepts of its own. The red carpet was made of locally sourced and recycled materials, the menu featured organic and locally grown produce, nominees and attendees were transported by hybrid cars, and a huge array of 250 solar panels were used to power the big night.

    These highly publicized events were a great way for FOX to share with its audience — both young and old — its commitment to environmental sustainability.