21CF and Give A Note Foundation


    21st Century Fox is committed to cultivating the next generation of artists and creators. In this spirit, 21CF businesses have been longtime supporters of Give A Note Foundation, a nonprofit that provides resources and grants to underserved music programs and raises awareness to ensure music education has a place in schools across the United States.

    Since 2011, 21CF companies have donated more than $1 million to Give a Note (GAN) supporting nearly 100 underfunded music programs in schools, and upholding GAN’s mission to “nurture, grow, and strengthen music education opportunities – for every student, school, and community.”

    21CF + Give a Note


    Give A Note Foundation was created in 2011 by the leaders of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) to support and strengthen music education programs and ensure that all children have access to the life-changing benefits of music study. Research shows that music helps students develop important skills tied to life-long success – including collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.

    Give a Note Foundation is committed to nurturing new and existing music programs and making music education accessible to all students through grants and awareness campaigns. The organization engages the business community to play a critical role in resource development and awareness-raising activities that improve access to music education. Since 2011, GAN has provided more than $1.2 million in grants to schools in more than 100 communities in the U.S. At the same time, the foundation has conducted several national awareness campaigns that highlight the importance of music education for students.

    GAN also empowers music educators – in coordination with their school administrators – to identify their own needs and use the grants as they see fit to best serve their students. While many music education organizations only provide instruments, GAN-supported teachers have the flexibility to choose the best use for their funding. Past grants have gone towards educational materials, instruments, professional development, technology, and more.

    The ongoing partnership between 21CF and Give a Note has bolstered music education in all corners of the United States, and has provided crucial aid to music programs that have struggled for years to find adequate funding.

    21st Century Fox, Give a Note Foundation


    • In 2011, 21st Century Fox’s home entertainment division partnered with the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) to launch the Glee Give a Note campaign – a national program that distributed $1 million in grants to struggling music and arts programs at 73 high schools across America. The campaign also donated a portion of the proceeds from every sale of the Glee Season 2 DVD to at-risk school music programs.
    • In March 2015, 21st Century Fox built on this partnership by working with the Give a Note Foundation to establish the 21st Century Fox Give a Note Grants, which supported 16 under-funded music education programs at schools across the United States with grants of up to $5,000. The partnership was launched to commemorate the Glee series finale, as well as the show’s impact in triggering renewed interest and participation in school music programs throughout the country. 21CF worked with Give A Note to organize grant presentation ceremonies at recipient schools – celebrating the faculty and staff that make these programs possible, and giving the students the opportunity to showcase their talents.
    • In 2016, 21CF and Give a Note Foundation honored the legacy of American Idol by asking students, parents and the public to nominate exceptional music educators as “Music Education Idols.” 21CF and Give a Note highlighted the importance of music education in schools by awarding 20 “MusicEd Idols” $1,000 grants for each of their school’s music programs.

    21st Century Fox, Give a Note Foundation


    School music programs give young people the opportunity to nurture their creativity, hone original skills, learn teamwork and discipline, and build their confidence. The partnership with 21st Century Fox has enabled Give A Note to positively impact dozens of underserved communities, giving many more young people a pathway to success.

    By providing over $1 million in grants to nearly 100 schools, 21CF and Give A Note have inspired and empowered young people nationwide to pursue music and discover their passions within the arts. These campaigns have successfully helped to establish and sustain school music programs that continue to reach thousands of students every year.

    “This tremendous act of generosity on behalf of 21st Century Fox brings much needed attention and resources to school music programs,” said Give a Note Foundation President and Board Chair Beth Slusher. “We know music makes a valuable lasting impression in every student’s life, empowering them to be productive, engaged, and empathetic citizens in their communities. We are thrilled to continue this partnership with 21st Century Fox to shine a spotlight on what’s working well and benefiting students in U.S. schools.”

    Music Ed Idols 2016 from 21CF Impact on Vimeo.