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21CF and Give A Note Foundation

21st Century Fox is committed to cultivating the next generation of artists and creators. In this spirit, 21CF businesses have been longtime supporters of Give A Note Foundation, a nonprofit that provides resources and grants to underserved music programs and raises awareness to ensure music education has a place in schools across the United States.

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'He Named Me Malala'

'He Named Me Malala:' 21CF's yearlong campaign to support girls' education

In June 2015, Fox Searchlight and National Geographic announced the release of the documentary He Named Me Malala, sparking nearly a year's worth of efforts on the part of 21st Century Fox to make a difference in the global issue of girl

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Climate Change National Geographic Earth Week

Climate Change Goes Primetime for National Geographic's First-Ever Earth Week

For six consecutive nights this fall, 21st Century Fox's National Geographic devoted its primetime television slate to programming that addressed the topic of climate change.

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Impact Week

21CF Expands Volunteering Program with '21CF Impact Week,' Company-wide Week of Service

Colleagues from across 21st Century Fox businesses came together in October for the company's inaugural 21CF Impact Week, six straight days of volunteering opportunities for employees based in New York, Los Ang

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