Fox Green Production X-Men First Class

20th Century Fox Pioneers Industry-Leading Green Production Practices

Over the past ten years, Twentieth Century Fox has taken every opportunity to make its global production operations among the most environmentally sustainable in the industry.

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FX’s ‘Legion’ Pilots New Green Technologies, Continues Tradition of Sustainable Production at 21CF

FX's Legion, the latest series from Fargo's Noah Hawley, embraced sustainable production practices during filming, such as waste diversion and innovative new technologies. 

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FOX's Glee

21CF and Give A Note Foundation

21st Century Fox is committed to cultivating the next generation of artists and creators. In this spirit, 21CF businesses have been longtime supporters of Give A Note Foundation, a nonprofit that provides resources and grants to underserved music programs and raises awareness to ensure music education has a place in schools across the United States.

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