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FX’s Legion drew praise from critics and audiences alike for its ambitious storytelling and visual style, and fans can now check out an exclusive video and case study detailing how the cast and crew brought that same level of ambition to going green behind-the-scenes. All departments made a concerted effort to save energy, reduce the show’s carbon footprint, and overall make the production as environmentally sustainable as possible, even piloting new technologies that could advance sustainability for the entire industry. The initiatives came as part of 21st Century Fox’s broad commitment to minimizing its environmental impacts, growing sustainably, and inspiring others to take action.

“This is the first production I’ve worked on where the conversation [about sustainability] started during our first production meeting,” said Kim Goddard-Rains, Production Coordinator. “I hope that it inspires people when they see the results and that they’re reminded of the little things we can all do. It feels good.”

Before shooting began, 21CF once again hired Zena Harris of Green Sparks Group, who previously oversaw green initiatives on The X-Files event series in 2016, as Legion’s sustainable production consultant. Harris worked directly with each department throughout the nearly six-month shoot to review best practices from the Green Production Guide, which Fox developed in collaboration with peer Hollywood studios, as well as identify opportunities to innovate new techniques for energy saving, such as partnering with Portable Electric to pilot their new mobile power stations.

“The studio was very supportive as we trialed battery power stations to replace the smaller generators that are diesel powered,” Harris said. “It reduces greenhouse gas emissions from generators and helps eliminate noise.”

These strategies, combined with every department’s goals to save energy and reduce waste, resulted in significant cost and energy savings across the board. The crew managed to divert 55% of the waste from landfill, avoid 252 metric tons of CO2 emissions, and collectively save nearly $48,000 USD, as well as purchase 70% Forest Stewardship Council-certified lauan plywood for set construction.

These achievements build on a long history of pioneering green production practices at 21CF. The company regularly works with production crews across its film and television projects to ensure environmental responsibility is integrated into each department’s daily operations, with previous series 24: Live Another Day and The X-Files event series each breaking new ground for the industry at large on lumber sourcing and recycling.

Learn more about environmental sustainability on Legion by reading our detailed case study and watching the exclusive video below.

Legion has been renewed for a second season, and the first is available to stream on FX, FXNOW, and Hulu.

Shorty Awards Logo Hidden Figures Malala

The Ninth Annual Shorty Awards on April 23 recognized recent social impact campaigns from 21st Century Fox for their innovative and effective use of social media to engage audiences. 21CF’s Search for Hidden Figures contest, which distributed more than $200,000 in scholarships to women in STEM, and the Stand with Malala campaign, which drove support and awareness of the Malala Fund and its fight for girls’ education, won their respective categories.

“Tonight is the night we recognize the individuals and organizations producing great content on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Snapchat, Musicly, Instagram, and for the last time ever, Vine,” host Tony Hale joked during his opening remarks. “But what makes this award show so unique is that it pays tribute to those who are using social media as a force for positive change.”

The Search for Hidden Figures contest, for which 21CF partnered with PepsiCo, asked young women, students and professionals, to submit videos explaining the importance of the STEM fields to themselves and the rest of the world. The winners received scholarships and additional training from the New York Academy of Sciences. The contest won the Multicultural Community Engagement category.

21CF and National Geographic’s Stand With Malala campaign, which launched around the global, commercial-free broadcast premiere of Davis Guggenheim’s documentary He Named Me Malala, won for best Facebook Partnership. The campaign asked viewers to change their Facebook profile to a special video that transformed profile pictures into yearbook photos and then dissolved female users’ profile pictures from the page, representing the millions of girls who are out of school worldwide. For every post, 21CF donated $1 to the Malala Fund for a total of $50,000.

Fox Home Entertainment’s campaigns for Deadpool, “Deadpool Gets All the Likes” and “Deadpool’s Global Domination,” also received awards, as did the studio’s “From Deadpool with Love” campaign in the Branded Content category, and the “Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool” campaign in the Multi-Platform Campaign category. FX’s Atlanta was awarded Silver in the race for Best GIF. 

Sawhorse Media founded the Shorty Awards in 2008 to celebrate the best content across the social media landscape. The awards for individual influencers represent the public votes of more than 5 million internet users, as well as scores from the Real Time Academy of Short Form Arts and Sciences, which assembles leaders in technology, journalism, business, and culture. The awards for brands and organizations are judged solely by the Real Time Academy.

Learn more about the Shorty Awards, including the full list of winners at this year’s awards, and watch the entire April 23 ceremony.

HI-SEAS Mars Habitat in Hawaii

As space exploration efforts around the world focus more and more on mounting a manned mission to Mars, Xploration Station’s latest #StudentAstronaut contest offers America’s top STEM students the chance to join the action. The contest, now in its third year, allows college students to compete for an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii to train for a journey to Mars alongside Xploration Outer Space host Emily Calandrelli. Students should apply by posting their video submissions to the Xploration Station Facebook page by Sunday, May 28. Xploration Station is a three-hour block of STEM programming for teens and their families airing weekend mornings primarily on Fox TV Stations in more than 100 million homes nationwide.

“Mars is the next major frontier for crewed space exploration,” said Calandrelli, who received a Daytime Emmy nomination this year for her work on Xploration Outer Space. “By centering this year’s contest around such an ambitious mission, we hope to really inspire and encourage those young people who will actually make it happen!”

The contest winner will travel to Hawaii and stay overnight at HI-SEAS (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation), which replicates the experience of daily life on Mars. The winner will also operate rovers alongside the experts at PISCES (Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems) and the NASA Robotic Mining Competition Team Vulcan at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, as well as visit the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, located on the summit of Maunakea.

Students 18-years and older can submit to the contest by creating a video no longer than three minutes that answers why it is important to explore Mars, how this experience would help launch their careers in the space industry, and why they should be selected as the next Student Astronaut. Students should post these videos to the Xploration Station Facebook page with the hashtag #StudentAstronaut.

“Our Student Astronaut contest is one of my favorite things about this business,” said Steve Rotfeld, president of Steve Rotfeld Productions, which produces Xploration Station. “These kids are so incredibly impressive, it can’t help but make us optimistic about the future.”

This year’s #StudentAstronaut was announced on April 24, just one day after submissons closed for the first ever #StudentExplorer contest. The competition gave high school and college students the chance to accompany Philippe Cousteau Jr., grandson of legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau and host of Xploration Awesome Planet, on an underwater voyage to study whale sharks off the coast of Mexico.

Xploration Station comprises six series in total: Cousteau’s Xploration Awesome Planet, Calandrelli’s Xploration Outer Space, artist and futurist Chuck Pell’s Xploration Earth 2050Youtube star Steve Spangler’s DIY Sci, marine biologist Danni Washington’s Nature Knows Best, and Weird but True, hosted by Charlie and Kirby Engleman, produced in partnership with Nat Geo Kids.

Learn more about the #StudentAstronaut contest, including full contest terms and conditions, and catch up with Xploration Station by streaming all six series on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Yahoo View, and Roku.

During its inspiring upfront presentation on Wednesday evening, National Geographic presented its ambitious 2017-18 slate of premium, groundbreaking content. The “Further Front,” which was hosted at the Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, included the presentation of seven new unscripted series, one new scripted series, three feature documentaries and a number of returning series.

“In our industry, we are all in the business of ideas and storytelling,” said 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch in his opening remarks. “We believe Nat Geo’s distinction in the media landscape of storytellers is that its stories are driven by purpose. Fueled by the authenticity and excellence of our partners – photographers and explorers who work tirelessly to challenge our perspectives – Nat Geo inspires and connects people, and opens our eyes wide to science and the natural world.”

National Geographic Global Networks CEO Courteney Monroe reflected on the network’s far-reaching programming the past year, including “MARS,” “Before the Flood,” “Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric,” “The Story of God With Morgan Freeman” and “Genius,” which premieres April 25.

“In a word, we’ve gone further: further to entertain you further to captivate you and further to elevate our brand of creatively ambitious premium programming,” she said before presenting National Geographic’s slate of 2017-18 content.

National Geographic’s 2017-18 upfront slate includes “Race,” a new unscripted series from Shawn Carter (Jay Z) and The Weinstein Company; a new six-part documentary series from Katie Couric; “The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman,” an expansion of the Emmy-nominated “The Story of God”; a new Dr. Jane Goodall biopic; and the return of “Genius,” “MARS,” “Explorer” and “StarTalk With Neil deGrasse Tyson.”

To end the presentation, National Geographic EVP for Sales and Partnerships Brendan Ripp spoke with National Geographic Photography Fellow Cory Richards via a live Skype feed. Cory, who was about to begin his second trip up Mount Everest, was asked to share what the National Geographic brand means to him: “National Geographic really represents the investment in the planet, the future of the planet and the future of the human family. We have to look further beyond ourselves to see how integrated we are and how connected all of this is. Using our exploration, education and storytelling to bring that together hopefully inspires the rest of the world to care the same way we do.”

Yesterday, National Geographic also announced three new scripted development projects; “Earth Live,” a two-hour live broadcast hosted by Jane Lynch; The National Geographic Further Community, a new digital venture; and Nat Geo WILD’s 2017-18 upfront slate.

Read more about National Geographic’s Further Front announcements, and see more photos from the event here.

Cory Richards, National Geographic photographer

National Geographic, Gender Revolution

National Geographic was named a 2017 Pulitzer Prize finalist in Explanatory Reporting for its groundbreaking “Gender” magazine issue and the accompanying digital and video work. The Pulitzer Prize Board explained that National Geographic was named a finalist in this category “For a deep and sensitive exploration of gender worldwide, using remarkable photography, moving video and clear writing to illuminate a subject that is at once familiar and misunderstood.”

National Geographic Partners CEO Declan Moore congratulated National Geographic magazine Editor-in-Chief Susan Goldberg and the editorial staff for the accomplishment in an internal memo yesterday: “The Pulitzer Prizes honor the very best in journalism and the arts, and there is certainly no tougher competition, nor higher achievement, in the industry. To be named a finalist is a tremendous accomplishment and reflects the outstanding work and collaboration of the editorial staff. It is also a testament to Susan’s fearless leadership and her dedication to thoughtful, courageous storytelling that is taking National Geographic from reverence to relevance.”

This marked the first time National Geographic was able to submit for all Pulitzer Prize categories.