Recent News

FNG has instituted an automatic power-down of unused, noncritical computers (e.g. non-broadcast supported PCs) between the hours of 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. local time)

In FOX's offices in Los Angeles and in company headquarters in New York City, cafeterias have begun using biodegradable materials for utensils, plates, and plastics.

FSN Northwest (Fox Networks Group) had a VendingMiser installed by Puget Sound Energy on one of our vending machines. The device conserves energy by powering down the cold beverage machine when no one is using it. A typical cold beverage vending machine consumes $250 of electricity per year. The VendingMiser can reduce that by 40%.

FSN Detroit's (Fox Networks Group) building cafe, Sweet November, is now providing the following discounts to FSND employees: CoolChange or Big Fox mug will get you .50 cents off regular coffee. Sweet deal! Standard size mug provides a .35 cent discount. For those ordering lattes or specialty drinks, a .25 cent discount is offered. (Lisa Giles:

FSN Detroit (Fox Networks Group) has implemented a robust recycling program, through which employees can dispose of all paper materials, aluminum products, and batteries