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Fox Television Studios Continue Climate Change Commitment

Fox Television Studios - currently wrapping up production of "Saving Grace" - has continued its record of not sending any waste from its productions to landfills. All products have been either sold, recycled, or reused in other productions. Fox Television Studios continues to make strides to combat climate change by laying out expectations early on and investing staff and crew in their goals. They have also implemented a number of operational and administrative changes that have helped them reduce their environmental impact. Some of their changes include:

  • Using video conference to conduct business between Los Angeles and production sites, cutting down on energy costs associated with travel
  • Viewing production cuts electronically instead of using single-use DVDs
  • Establishing recycling stations around productions
  • Distributing documents electronically via Doczilla instead of using paper documents
  • Banning plastic water bottles on set and distributing reusable water containers