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December 2007

Energy usage, Facilities, India, STAR, Sustainability

Air Conditioning Maintenance reaps huge Carbon results

By conducting a thorough cleaning of the cooling coils and descaling the condenser tubes of all the AC units at our Star House facility in Mumabi, STAR was able to increase operating efficiency of its air conditioning system substantially, saving a whopping 169 tons from our carbon footprint!

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STAR and Twentieth Century Fox Television's 24 featured in Fast Company

STAR and Twentieth Century Fox Television's 24 were featured in the latest Fast Company magazine for their innovative green business ideas.

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Vancouver Film Studios carbon neutral

Vancouver Film Studios, a partner of Fox Filmed Entertainment, has announced that they will work in 2008 to become Canada's first carbon neutral film and television studio.

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FHE supply chain analysis of DVD featured

Fox Home Entertainment's supply chain analysis of a DVD, which it conducted in July with Wal-Mart, was the focal point of a recent conference of the Content Delivery and Storage Association. Consumer Electonics Daily12-5-07.pdf