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August 2007

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The theme of the 2007 Teen Chioce Awards was "Teens Go Green" to help promote environmental responsibility in a younger generation. Among the energy saving measures at the awards show--which were produced by The Fox Netwoks Group--was the "green carpet" which was made entirely from recycled materials.

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Fox Mobile Produces and Offers "Green Collection."

DU_earth_girl.gifFox Mobile produces a "Green Collection" - special Fox Mobile content dealing with the topics of "environment" and "climate change". These products, which include wallpaper, fun sounds, screensaver, and MMS greeting cards, have been offered on Fox Mobile portals to raise awareness amongst customers worldwide.

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24 Hours to Save the Planet

24 Hours to Save the Planet -- Can Jack Bauer save the world? News that television's secret agent is to take the war against global warming into millions of homes has been welcomed by environmental campaigners as a seminal moment in the greening of Hollywood, reports the Guardian.