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21st Century Fox to Partner with Team Sky and SoulCycle to Benefit Boys & Girls Clubs


When the riders of Team Sky made their American cycling debut at the Amgen Tour of California last year, they seized the opportunity to engage and inspire cycling fans in the U.S., just as they had done so successfully in the U.K. This year, the team returns to California as the reigning champions, and they are expanding on their initial mission to engage American cycling fans in a number of new ways.

On Wednesday, May 6, Team Sky riders Ian Boswell and Danny Pate, along with Jenny Taft of FOX Sports, will host the SoulCycle | Team Sky Pro Challenge, a high energy class at SoulCycle Beverly Hills to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. 100% of the proceeds go toward BGCA's health and wellness programs, and 21st Century Fox will double match all donations. The class is open to the public and is accepting registrations here.

In addition, the team will donate bikes, equipment, and Team Sky gear to local chapters of the Boys & Girls Clubs, helping introduce new youth communities to active, healthy lifestyles.

These initiatives are the latest in a long line of pro-social efforts from Team Sky, which has organized its outreach efforts under the motto "Inspiration to Participation" since its formation in 2009. Team Sky's Sky Rides began in 2009 as an event to encourage fans to join in the fun of cycling and introduce regular exercise to their routines. Fans could participate in a special traffic-free bike ride on a 15 kilometer route through London. An outstanding 65,000 people participated, and the event has only grown in popularity since then, now including several partner rides throughout the UK every year. Team Sky estimates that programs like these have inspired more than 1.3 million people in the UK to take up regular cycling.

21st Century Fox is a proud sponsor of Team Sky and is excited to welcome the team to the LA community.

Sign up for Wednesday's SoulCycle | Team Sky Pro Challenge, and learn more about the team at TeamSky.com.

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FOX's 'Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey' Wins Peabody Award


Each year, the Peabody Awards recognize the most distinguished and meritorious works in radio and television, and this year, FOX's Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey took home top honors in the Education Documentary category for its "dazzling visual tour of the final frontier and its energetic evangelizing for science."

Cosmos, produced by Fuzzy Door Productions and Cosmos Studios, Inc. and broadcast on FOX and the National Geographic Channel, features renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson guiding viewers through the mysteries and grandeur of the universe, with the help of state-of-the-art digital effects. The series aired in the spring of 2014, with Fox organizing the largest international rollout in television history, across 181 countries and nearly 50 languages. 135 million viewers tuned in over the course of the series.

"An update of Carl Sagan's famous series for the age of CGI, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos is not only an educational, eye-popping, near-psychedelic tour of our universe and beyond, it's a passionate brief on behalf of science itself," the Awards said.

The Peabody organization is housed at University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, and it recognizes excellence in the work of radio and television stations, networks, webcasters, podcasters, producing organizations, and individuals.

For more information on the Peabody Awards, including a complete list of this year's honorees, visit PeabodyAwards.com, and be sure to read our case study on Cosmos and its impacts.

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How Aamir Khan and 'Satyamev Jayate' Tackle Women's Rights Issues in India

Aamir at WitW.jpg

Since its launch in 2012, STAR India's groundbreaking social awareness series Satyamev Jayate has become the premier platform through which Indians can discuss their society's most pressing issues. The series features Bollywood star Aamir Khan in conversation with victims, activists, and experts, as they explore such subjects as the caste system, alcoholism, and political corruption. On April 22 at the 6th annual Women in the World Summit in New York City, Khan spoke at length about how the show has addressed women's rights issues over the course of its three-season run.

Speaking in conversation with Zainab Salbi, founder of the nonprofit Women for Women International, Khan explained that women's issues have been a part of Satyamev Jayate since the very first episode, which addressed the issue of female feticide. That episode alone, streamed digitally and broadcast on multiple STAR channels in six local languages, was watched by roughly 50 million people, and now, years later, its effects are still being felt.

Khan said that since that first episode aired in 2012, census figures showing 914 girls born compared to 1,000 boys in the states of Mahrashtra and Rajasthan (the worst states on record in terms of gender ratio) had changed radically. Today, the ratio has improved by 50 to 60 points, and local leaders have pointed to Satyamev Jayate as a major contributing factor.

As the show has gone on, it has continued to consistently address issues facing women and girls in India, from domestic violence to the dowry system to sexual violence and rape. In its most recent season, which aired on STAR in the fall of 2014, one episode framed violence against women as not just a women's issue but as a men's issue.

"Unless we redefine what it is to be a man, things aren't going to change," Khan said to Salbi. "You cannot raise a boy telling him not to cry. You are in effect distancing him from emotion and then you are surprised when he grows up and beats his wife."

The talk also gave Khan a chance to reflect on the success of the show, which has garnered an audience of an estimated 517 million viewers and raised more than $45 million for its NGO partners.

"No one would have imagined that a show that speaks of such heavy topics would be so popular across the country," Khan said. "And the fact that it's so popular really speaks well of Indians today. We have issues, we have problems, but we want to move ahead and improve ourselves. That's what the success of the show tells us."

For more information, visit SatyamevJayate.in, and read our Satyamev Jayate Case Study. Watch a full recording of Khan's talk with Salbi below.


21st Century Fox Businesses Celebrate Earth Day

21st Century Fox is committed to minimizing our environmental impacts, growing sustainably, and inspiring others to take action. Each year, our businesses come together to celebrate Earth Day, giving our colleagues a chance to learn how they can protect the planet and support the communities in which they live and work. Here are a few ways our businesses are getting involved:

FOX Broadcasting Company continued its month-long "Green It. Mean It." campaign, an annual initiative to raise awareness of environmental issues and give viewers practical tips toward making their homes and workplaces more sustainable. Talent from all FOX shows record the PSAs every year, and this year's campaign features the stars of such hit shows as Empire, Gotham, and Last Man on Earth.


On April 16, the company hosted its annual Eco Fair on the Fox Studios Lot in Los Angeles. The fair brings together dozens of vendors and nonprofits to provide local, organic food and educate attendees on ways to protect the planet. The organizations present included TreePeople, Blue Can Water, Ecos, Goat & Kettle, Sow Swell, Zero Cost Solar, and the Theodore Payne Foundation. Fox also hosted gardening workshops and info sessions about eco-friendly commuting.

In New York, colleagues enjoyed a seasonal foods cooking class, free tickets to the New York Botanical Garden, and a chance to participate in New York Cares Day, a city-wide volunteering initiative to clean up the city's parks. New York-area colleagues spent the day paining fences and spreading mulch at Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem. 21st Century Fox has supported New York Cares since 1999.

Join us in celebrating Earth Day by making small changes to your routine that add up to a big impact. Check out these tips from FOX talent to find out how.

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FOX Sports University Gives Students Unique Hands-on Industry Experience

In 2008, FOX Sports launched FOX Sports University, an academic program that gives college students hands-on experience in the sports business. Participating students work closely with FOX Sports executives on a project in sports management, business, or journalism. The current academic year is the largest yet for the program, which now offers courses at 28 schools across the U.S.

"For the students, [FOX Sports University] is a way for them to get real world experience and an opportunity for them to expand what they're doing at the school," said Chris Hannan, EVP of Communications for FOX Sports, during a recent appearance promoting the program on The Willis Report. "And for us, we've now got some of the youngest, brightest minds working on our properties in all different facets."

By partnering with the country's top universities, FOX Sports University puts students in touch with FOX Sports executives to address a marketing, research, technology, or strategy challenge that the business faces. The executives outline the challenge, and as the course progresses, the students develop their solution, be it an advertising campaign, a marketing strategy, or any number of additional projects.

"Seeing an idea that started in the library come to life and actually be executed and broadcast on air was an experience you can't really get in any other classroom," said Anna Folwell, a graduate of the program who now works at FOX Sports. "We have top-level executives come in and help you craft a campaign that comes from your original idea, and then you get to follow it all the way through."

FOX Sports University plans to expand to 50 colleges and universities over the next several years.

Learn more at FOXSportsUniversity.com.

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